Jone’s cute pomeranian, Gucci. it’s a he. =D. very very very cute eh?

and cute dogs are incredulously horny no? >_>”. look at Sandra’s expression!  and they can even “do it” in front of so many spectators *coughs*.

like, literally. they humped each other the WHOLE NIGHTT. I wonder when will they finally get tired of it. pretty obscene for young girls like me *chokes*. but it is true that I’ve never seen dogs hump before. @@. it really made my eyes go wider. have you seen dogs hump before? it’s pretty funny hahaha.

albeit I’m holding the camera, when Karena see’s a mirror, she’ll run towards it, and shout “LETS CAMWHOREE!”

see? =P.

we played some random drinking game and one of the rules we made is before we drink, we must pose with an utmost lala pose and snap a picture with it. we are trying! but we kind of failed. =(. watudu, we’re very much the opposite of lala’s.

okay lets proceed to pictures taken with Sandra Wong’s camera. stole it from facebook kekeke.

the first few minutes or 2010!

I bet your new year’s not as fun as ours! >=).

and we also had crazy thoughts of posing on the roof top. very scary. T_T.

that’s my.. styrofoam cup of baileys!

chocolate mint + chocolate milk + ice = heavenly.

clearer view of my baileys!

fish mouths and cookoo eyes. not many people can do it. so, can you? =P.

Gary Sia. HAHAHA. okay sorry sorry he’s Gary Lim. but he look so much like Kenny Sia no?! they should have a picture together hehehehe.

outside looking at ze fireworks =D.

barbecue! is ever so fun and tasty hehehe. especially chicken wings with honey T_T. aww.


and this is the card game I was talking about =P! but unfortunately none of us got drunk >___>”. which is saddening. we planned to get drunk =(.

why are Shih Tzu’s so much more heavier? I couldn’t really carry her up =/. but both’s very cute. <3.

yesterday I had my first attempt on playing BADMINTON! I consider myself succeeding in learning it as long as I can serve the shuttle cork. or whatever it is called. and today, my WOLE BODY IS ACHING T_T. I’ve never felt so old =(.

I just got my L license too. friends commented I look so scary that if a policeman every looked at my L license, he’d ask me to go away fast, because he is scared by it. T____T. not showing you my license is good for you, you know? so don’t ask hehe.

but the bad news is, driving lessons will start SOON. I phobia driving, if you don’t know yet. but my mom still forced me to sign up anyway. so I MUST do it =/. wish me luck.

don’t you think driving is very very dangerous? there are so many fast cars around and if you’re going too slow, they might bully you and if you’d have to ask me to go faster, I’m afraid I might lose control and all. =/. sigh. and how do you estimate when you should stop behind a car anyway! I just couldn’t!

toodles! =D.

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14 years ago

Shuttlecock. Not shuttle cork. It’s cock. Cock cock cock cock. =D

Tan Yee Hou
14 years ago

Eh tell me when are you going for classes I’ll go tiong you there wtf.

14 years ago

Lol no privacy for the dogs? =p