it doesn’t matter if you think that I am “one of those drama addict”. =P. I just love everything korean ; the oh so glorious food!

my mom always complain that korean food is really pricey and all. but the thing is, it’s really worth every penny. as long as you do not eat it so (so so so) often =X. as for those who wants to eat korean food in a more reasonable price and yet tastes good. the mini korean restaurant near popular bookstore is one good place. next, there’s also one called sam sam at Pavilion that is really not bad. =D.

for this trip, I went for San Nae Deul over at Taman Dagang (right next to Galaxy Ampang, in front of those condo’s).

my perfect view of the very salivating food. they used a charcoal (probably reusable, the meat doesn’t stick on the charcoal or anything much) for… some good reason. Peter told me it is to bring out the strong fragrant of the juicy meat, and I guess it’s more environmental friendly, too? ah, not sure. =X.

here’s a picture of me to prove that I am there. =P. and so that you’d get jealous.

BEEF, UNMARINATED, SLICED, FRESHH. these beef brisket are really nice as they have layers of fat in between, and no, fats don’t reallyyyyyy make you fat, it blocks your arteries =/. but WE HUMANS NEED FATS! that is why, these are once in a while food =D=D=D=D.

even eating too many red dates is bad for your eyes, it.. reacts the other way rround when taken in a large quantity. haha.

the nice foreign worker cooking the meat for us. you know, most foreign workers in a korean restaurant CAN speak korean! and they are very polite, and nice.

SALIVATING NOWWW? GG, these are one of the best korean BBQ’s I’ve ever had. seriously. it is cut into slices so thin that when you drop it on the pan, you can see it cooking so quickly. by the way, this is called chadolbegi.

we actually had Bulgogi (marinated beef stew) but because our table have no space thanks to all the side dishes and that big charcoal pan, it was cooked on the other table and then distributed to us in a small bowl. it is VERY YUMMY as well. forgot to take a picture of it =X.

tada! finally I remembered to take a picture of the outside of the restaurant I’ve been to. here, you can definitely find your way there. =D.

and also, their bean paste soup is THE BESTTT. you just gotta try it, it comes for free!!!!!!! =D. at the end of the meal, they’d offer coffee too, it’s free too.. I THINK. the korean iced coffee is really good (and yummy) as it is mild, just right for me because I am allergic to caffeine (but getting better in time!).

San Nae Deul
No D12, Jalan Dagang B/3A,
Taman Dagan 68000 Ampang
contact : 012-3355-104.

NEXT WE HAVE THE K JUNK REVIEW! =D. okay maybe more to.. sweets and chocos.

I’ve already ate 2 boxes of the red one and a bar of the purple before I took this picture, which means.. there are actually more. =X. ehems. WELL these are investments. I have low blood sugar. *chokes* and I have to say, these lasts me for a very very long time.

Ghana Aircell – I think I’ve not realized about the name until I typed it out really. this choco have tiny air sacs in it and when you take a bite of it, the chocolate just melts in your mouth. a very smart idea actually haha. but one might find it a bit more common as it’s the basic milk chocolate, I love it still. it costs around 2++ ringgit =D.

Crunky – it is OKAY. not bad, but not something I’d keep buying. it tastes like.. dark chocolate with some crunchy stuffs in it =D=D. RM 2.10.

the tube of BUBBLEGUM! – I love this one, but it is a little bit costly for just.. bubblegum. it is 1/4 air inside, ain’t that full. but the thing is, it’s very easy to bubble with this gum =P. I actually blew a bubble so big it landed all over my nose and chin! RM 2.

these both biscuits in both mushroom and emoticon form tastes basically the same. I kind of prefer the mushroom ones because.. I like mushrooms. but it seems like it is produced lesser compared to the red one now. they are my favourite biscuits in the korean mart. it ain’t THAT expensive and it is so tasty you just crave for more. if you like chocolates, and you were to buy this to try, BUY MORE. RM 2+.

I love saving the best for last. I still have two bars of these <3. yum yum. Ghana of Lotte. it’s dark chocolate, one of the BEST BEST BEST chocolates I’ve ever had. better than cadbury, confirm! it is just the perfect combination of bitter and sweet. very smooth. fairly addictive. and what’s more, it is not expensive! RM2+.

the satisfied korean snacker!

you’d probably think that I am such a korean freak that I love every single thing korean. but as of today, I would like to tell you what I hate most in the korean cuisine. it is.. the.. WHITE CARROT KIMCHI. it stinks so bad I couldn’t swallow it. at all. >_<“.

by the way, those huge green chillis are eaten RAW. and, if you noticed, the tray is melted by the pan. haha. =X. and the dubu kimchi you see behind there (the one with the tofu) is very yummy fried kimchi, eaten with the tofu. <3.

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14 years ago

It is not white carrot kimchi. It is a radish kimchi called kkag-du-ki. it has strong smell as other type of kimchi. but it has stronger smell.i think, fermentation of the radish makes strong smell.

14 years ago

Yummy i love that kimchi!!!!!!!!!!!^^
try some people you people will get addicted!! em~~~ LOL
I been there several times i strongly recommend
The place is so clean and neat as well as the food!!
TRY lah people LOL
It will be better if you book before you go
tel no. is mentioned above!!