just in case you missed me and wondered how fat I grew. people all say that when somebody’s facing their major exams they will slim down, but I am the OTHERWISE! why? well, I have to keep stuffing fattening junks into my mouth to prevent me from sleeping while I study =D.

so THE TIME OF THE YEAR CAME! other than Chinese New Year, Christmas Day, Deepavali, we have Hari Raya! I think that these festive seasons are especially great to build up the multi racial problem in our country and show how we can all live together in harmony (wth, I feel like I am writing some essay! but it is true!).

let me show you something special. seeing me in baju kurung last year was quite normal since I wear baju kurung everyday to school. but here’s something.

HAIKS! ever seen a korean boy in baju melayu? =P. Peter comments it is very hot but I think it’s because he wore his korean singlet inside haha.

you can say that one of my best days in 2009 is during Hari Raya but sad to say, I am still in a tensed mood and thus I camwhored much lesser than before =(. I felt a little shy too as there  are so many people there this year =P. but one of the saddest thing was I did not wear baju kurung as I didn’t know where it was. T_T. takkan I pakai my school uniform kan. =X.

here’s a picture from last year, me in my awesome blue baju kurung! =P.

and that is our handsome Afiq. =D!

so back to this year. not only do we have a Korean boy, we have 3 Jappys. the one I know, as you might already know, is Suzuki. haha.

he got addicted to the orange juice and he practically drank a glass every 5 minutes I am NOT exaggerating!

and yes good thing you’re reading this blog here, because you are seeing unusual things.

Jappy in a songkok — caught on camera.

Korean in a songkok — caught of camera take 3. he put it on THREE times because he was trying to avoid my camera and I was forcing him to have a picture =X.

the food! this ones from last year sob sob because I forgot to take a picture of the food this year, T_T. well well well, the food are usually almost the same, other than there are much more variety this year (as I’ve said, more people!) like.. green curry, curry, 3 types of rendang, beef floss, prawn floss, chilli prawn, ketupat, something that looks like what chinese call “zhung” and moreee. regret regret regret I promise I will remember next year! YES YES!

and tips on eating KETUPAT!! : cover it with the satay peanut sauce, then sprinkle some prawn floss(?. it  tastes and looks like one? =D) on it, then eat it with lots and lots of chilli rendang <3. it is perfect. PERFECT!

Afiq’s uncle, and Afiq behind. (continues with essay writing) here! we have a good example that all the races in our country lives in harmony as love here is colour blind =D.

the multi racial crowd!

ps : I know you love my bag. you love love my bad. you sure do love love love my bag. <3.

so I guess that is all for now =X. I need to start studying really =(. and something Yee Hou would definitely say reading this >_>” : STBY! (sucks to be you!)

=D. ciao!

will tell you where to eat good korean food, soon! <3.


a picture Jinny sent to me about a week ago with captions ” Spirit of ramadhan!! <3 this is a picture of a few guys i just saw giving out free food to ALL passing cars in the rain. Not kidding. Is that cool or is that cool? XD ”

THEY ARE LITERALLY giving out FREE food IN THE RAIN. =O. I suddenly felt proud to be Malaysian =X.

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14 years ago

Selamat Hari Raya, adik Jamie …..xD

14 years ago

Balik kampuuunggggg

putra Champa
13 years ago

salam !!! adakah anda orang Korea tinggal di Malaysia…selamat menyambut hari raya !!!

putra Champa
13 years ago

an-nyong- ha-se-yo….han-kuk-sa-ram-mul-malaysia-e–sal-ko-it-so-yo??

12 years ago

korean in malaysia? interesting!