well of course not literally ZANG TOI. I mean the restaurant. =P. his restaurant. I have been in LOVE with Zang Toi’s food since I was young and knowing that many people doesn’t WHO Zang Toi is or even his restaurant is actually quite surprising =O.

well just to let you people from the kampung know, Zang Toi (or Toi See Zang, read your moral book!) is an international fashion designer; A MALAYSIAN!

and he have another new restaurant, now in Pavilion =D.

lavish, elegant, stylish ambiance =D.

Zang Toi’s special punch! it is a MUST TRY. very very nice <3. don’t worry I actually hate mint. haha, but then the combination is just too perfect =P.

the famous Nasi Lemak! okay actually all the food in his restaurant is damn nice. I had tom yam but I kind of forgot to snap a nice picture but yeah, you should go try. it is really really really really really good! this is my first time having it in Pavilion actually, I usually have it in Sungei Wang. (I know, lala place; but you got to agree it’s the best place to shop =P.)

CHOCO BANANA CAKE! this is heavenly. the texture is phenomenal. the best choco banana cake yet! and guess what?

the main course + drink + dessert = RM15++. don’t remember the exact rate but with tax and all it’s Rm17.50. a perfectly great deal.

no I am not getting paid nor asked to do this post. haha, so yes, it’s really that good. the Zang Toi in Pavilion is INSIDE Parkson, go look for it!

had dinner there with mr. camera-phobic (camera-shy) =D.

and here’s ms. camera-philic. there! my tom yam =D.

I just like this picture, it’s so empty. and pretty. don’t you like it too? =D.

Pavilion’s chio parking rate.

the area’s chio jam.

PS : my defination of chio = exaggerating =P. but always a good thing for clothings and little things =D!

and a little bit of my random lameness.

be prepared.

HAHA ok my mini skirt is shorter than the shirt wth.


I would be leaving my blog alone for a while quite soon T_T. major exams coming, watudu. =/.

BUT, there will still be blogposts, not by me though. =D. so be sure to read all sort of crap they’d post. hehe.

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14 years ago

ooooh….whos shirt is that? 😛

Chee Wei
14 years ago

i know you are stress with tuitions and exams…but im sure there are better way to release them.. 😛

14 years ago

LOL WTH. no la a few of us were fooling around in a friend’s house. the pictures are very hilarious but it will also menjejas their image so.. cannot post =P=P. it’s a guy’s room and they were trashing his closet and i found this horribly big shirt HAHA.

Serge Norguard
14 years ago

its like you’re wearing nothing underneath !… and i know you didnt

14 years ago

good post…and boy!!..the last pix!..sure got my attention..*LOL

All the best for ur exams =)

14 years ago

So lame…

All the best in ur coming exam…