short post. I’m lazy!

it has been 2 years. 2 years! been to the ’06 and ’07 one. I don’t know why but it is maybe because I’ve been watching it for a few years I kind of got bored of it >_<“. they look kind of the same. but of course, I only saw a few, too little to say. =D.

Charm All Stars! our very own Malaysian International cheerleading squad! they’re amazing. took it while they were practicing. it is really damn scary imagining how you need to balance so high up =X. and worst, with only 1 leg!

reason for me to come to the cheer?

SEAN! Sean Han is my 3rd husband. >=). yeah you might be wondering why do I have so many “husbands”, well, it is just for fun lah HAHAHA. actually I don’t remember how it started either. he is leaving for Canada real soon and I know I will regret it if I don’t see him while I still can. =D! I don’t think I want to sit in the plane for 22 freaking hours even if I striked the lottery =X.

AND I bumped into a number of people there =D. eventhough I don’t really have the mood to do anything then. pms, watudu =(.

Sergeeeeeeee! owes me korean food. he bullies me a lot. A LOT!

yes, he is that FREE HUGS guy =D!

HAH! you all know who he is? HE IS MY TWIN BROTHER OLDER BROTHER! just joking! many people commented that I look a lot like him in the previous pictures. hmm. I guess we really do look a little alike. =X.

anyway this is Jeremy. and to promote him, he is the 7pm DJ of Red FM. you know, that radio station that I am addicted to always *drools looking at the sky* 104.9!!! you all should listen to it because they play perfect combinations of old and new songs, and it is really good! not before er 6am though >=).

I asked a random coach to take pictures with me!

just because I think he is quite hot.*grins*.

okay enough of being lame, this is U Jin he is a.. a.. an.. online friend from 4 years ago. no! I don’t simply talk to strangers! he’s a schoolmate of a close friend of mine =D! besides, talking to strangers are very uncomfortable. so very uncomfortable >_<”

I know you are sick of looking at my photostatted face already! so I am not showing you more! because I looked really horrible in the others actually, will stalk it from the other’s blog and hopefully *if I look quite ok*, I will upload it here. =D.


will be blogging about my BIG FAT CRAB REVIEW @ CWZJ later on! like I’ve said, I’m lazy now! haha. never ate so many crabs in one go in my life. really. >=D!

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14 years ago

hey jamie..tadi see u a while then poof…jamie sudah hilang..hahaha…

Serge Norguard
14 years ago

gawd dammit … i do not bully you lar dear~~ PFFFFFT!~!!!@!@!@!

14 years ago

so you been there too!
u have seen it few times…but it’s new for me…my first time…quite exciting…
really Big Crabbies!!

14 years ago

Wooo! share you some beautiful wallpapers

14 years ago

I want to be the guy below can zhong other peoples’ skirts wtf.

14 years ago

woi that’s my cousin sister in ur first photo can!


14 years ago

Damn. U-Jin has grown taller and shrunken! Wheres his tummy when he use to have in form1?! LOL