yes yes everybody was there, almost. reasons why you SHOULD go to Bon Odori. especially if you’ve never been there before :

there are a lot of cute guys, jap guys. (pretty girls too. ehem.)

the dance is utmost enjoyable, but make sure to be with a lot of friends =D.

the food is… so so but then the mochi is great, beer’s rather cheap there!

it is a Japanese festival and it is S-P-E-C-I-A-L!

you’ll receive a free fan. (my mom took my camera–it’s gonna be for a week! and I forgot to take a picture of the cute fan T_T)

but this year’s a little bit too crowded =X. I already came very early but the crowd is so scary that they are snatching phone lines and oxygen with me, and it ain’t so nice when you feel suffocated! and also when you can’t reach your friend. haha.

this year’s food stalls are a quite cool, some food are good and some are.. plain expensive and tasteless. depends on luck, but I would recommend you to try ready made stuff rather than those they cook there. =D. and this sushi king booth attracts me the most. customers were eating, standing. and the pricings are the same. wth LESS COMFY ENVIRONMENT STILL CHARGE SO EXP!

lelong lelong! Rm7 satu! cheaper than Isetan I THINK. but they are quite melted =(. but ice cream is definitely what you should try when you go there =D.

NEXT. a drink you MUST buy.

ASAHI! super dry – it says. I hate beer, Carlsberg, Heineken, whatever good brands, I hate the taste, forgot who suggested but I agree, it tastes a little like v v, although I could kind of adapt to it now. =X. but Asahi is DIFFERENT! it tastes so good you just want more =D=D=D. and why did I say it is a must buy? well, in marts outside, you may find this a lot more expensive. maybe, twice the price? RM7 here though. =D.

THEN, the next thing you must try is MOCHI!!

I felt like I’ve turned this into a food blog more now. =X. well Mochi’s are the best I love Mochi even the name! =X. and if you think Mochi is too ordinary for you;

there’s ICHIGO MOCHI! whatever the name is, don’t care (psst, can you see that free fan from here? =X). there is a WHOLE strawberry in the mochi, and it tastes great. a little too big for me though. but of course, it IS something special =D.

ps : only until that day I understand that Ichigo means STRAWBERRY. and until now I have no idea why is the hot guy in Bleach named Ichigo. calling a guy STRAWBERRY? Mm. that sounds really wrong.

Serge is not his real name! (kena tipu. T_T.) well this is “SERGE”, he like to spank me online, I have no idea why! and he always have this evil plan to spank me in reality too, so if anybody sees him, PLEASE, please do spank him on the butt. HARD. =P =P.

this is what you get for bullying me, Serge. =D.

old friends I’ve not met since… since… I don’t know. actually I do bump into them occasionally hahaha. well these guys here were from Cempaka, and something I really admire about them is that they are still sticking together eventhough they are all in different colleges and stuff now. =O.

I sometimes wonder if my friends from school will call me out and hang out together at this time, one year late. mm. =/. whatever it is, I WON’T MISS SCHOOL! >=(.

you must be wondering why do I dress differently. well, I topped the yukata on my casual clothings. =D. and it was really really hot I couldn’t take it anymore. =X. oh right, that’s the free fan! *points*. and I LOVE Felicia’s Kimono <3. it’s really sweet no? =D.

but of course my custom made fan is the nicest =P =P. *chokes.*

Snyder’s of Hanover’s Pretzel Pieces

just one bite, one bite…

and you’ll be addicted. it is like nicotine.

RM 6.50 from cold storage. pretzels were never so addictive.

my favourite one is Honey Mustard and Onion <3. couldn’t stop thinking about it ever since Kaye introduced it to me a few days ago in school. then Jalapeno and Cheddar Cheese last. why? it tastes like the cheaper Cheezels a lot =O. and less addictive compared to the other two although it is still nice. but of course, it IS a little better than Cheezels heee. =P.

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Serge Norguard
14 years ago

ahahahaha. jamie… oh jamie.

spank you i will

14 years ago

what’s this about spanking! Dun be notti Jamie or i’ll tell on you!

Kok Poh
Kok Poh
14 years ago

Bleach’s character was known as Ichigo due to direct pronouncation from his kanji name haha, so become Ichigo.

Btw the mochi u ate can be bought from Megamall’s Jusco supermarket lol… and my gf’s friend’s grandmother was the supplier to Jusco haha. Nice right!

14 years ago

You’re there… So many people that day…
The 2nd picture u put, I and friend should be some where inside there…

14 years ago

you got your camera taken away,ouch

lol! ichigo means strawberry! omg i never thought about it like that