he is.. 28. no, 38 actually. @@”.

18-lah! hahaha.

to Joseph : you see! I still posted our camwhore picture even though I don’t like all of them =X.

the salmon sushi I made =D. other than the salmon was bought, I did everything! ^^”. so who still dare to say that Jamie can’t cook! >=(.

and maybe I am even destined to be some popular chef like JAMIE Oliver or something. but no way I am going to be one! I am afraid of hot stuff. T_T I am a girl anyway, sigh. but a sushi maker will be okay though, since my hands are always as cold as ice =O. yeah I admit I am cold blooded =P.

this number resembles me really. =o. eight in english – pat in cantonese – sampat in my brain.


uh huh, not ONLY one.

forced-fed Joseph that big tube of wasabi. xD.but he was a little lucky he didn’t eat any. =/.

camwhoring with a CANON camera is always the better choice! =3. makes you look fairer at least hahahah. xD. that is why Karena lovesss my camera. okay, actually this statement only applies on Jamie Liew because she thinks that she look fatter on that very super sharp Nikon camera.

oh my, what is that behind? =O.

the lighter that Ben acidentally dropped. and what happened was if we take it out the cake will have a hole. so they left it there as a… er… a special design? Joseph is from Raffles anyway, I bet he can get some inspiration on this, maybe he will create a chair made out of lighters or something and it is so famous he gets rich and become the richest interior designer in the world or something! okay I exaggerated. =X.

*puffs* his dissatisfying look seeing that lighter there on his cake. =X.

BIRTHDAY BASH 2! some of them wanted to smash his face on the cake when he blow the cake, but I think he was really aware of it. so we had an evil plan to trick him to camwhore with somebody and later smash him with those excess cream from the cake. xD.

well er, Happy Birthday Joseph! =3.

where did our sound effect come from. =D.


THIS, IS the BEST snack I’ve ever tried in my whole entire life. (as in self-made snack). Kah Jone is so smart that he mixed chips (don’t remember what is it called, the triangle ones, barbeque flavour) with mozerella cheese together and then bake them.

heavenly yet so sinful.

the pose you should do when you use a polaroid! not true.

and talking about polaroids. I SO WANT ONE! they are so cool. but their film is so bad T_T. can you imagine, you don’t like how you look in that picture and poof there goes RM3! =/. but it is still very cool xD.

how the picture slowly show its colour =D.

my two polaroids with Zoe. <3. I don’t like how I look in the first picture, and Zoe doesn’t like how she look in the second. so there were no debating on who gets which one. xD.

I always wonder how people jump. and I can now truly classify myself as the ONLY person who is not obese and yet can’t jump. not even with the guidance of the pro and famous jumper, Jason. here’s the prove!

it looks all right because they took it from below. but they said the way I jump was something like this..

yeah they are imitating the way I jump T_T.

wth >_>”. speechless.

I THINK he is talking to his darling, you should see the smile on his face hahaha.

I smiled too cacatedly but just to show you Gary SIA’s shirt, he recycle girls! how evil! >=(!


the great SMASHPOP!


you know we are still young, they filled their hands with CO2 and then light up the lighter and you can actually see fire on their hands for at least 0.001second! =P. yeah my friends are damn dangerous *shakes head*.

I like this picture don’t ask me why =3. maybe because his face is so hilarious HAHAHA. I am not so mean ok =D!

Joseph have cleavage. at least he thinks that he have it. >_>”.

Joshep and Kah Jone. they are both from Sri Garden! @_@. such a small world. really. and, they went for the IU day too, though I didn’t recognize them haha. glad to have met such fun people =D! anddd, they are the same age as me! =D!

Jonathan (also from SSG! at least I got some memory of him since he is the actor in some video on IU day) and Zoe! always so pretty <3.

the JL’s! Jonathan Lee, Joshep Lee, Jamie Liew, Joseph Lee. I am the only one that is not Lee? =X.

from Joseph’s Blog =D.

Joseph spelt POSE wrongly! hahaha. xD. too excited to post this picture up I bet =P.

I know I can’t really jump la I am too fat happy?!

*will edit it later, tuition bye!*

and the picture I left out. please hold your laughter people!

I stared at Ben’s sexy thighs and said ” very sexy. ”

and he did that pose HAHAHA. he look like he isn’t wearing a mini dress or something and it really makes me laugh xD. especially when he have such sexy long legs =P.

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Sandra Wong
15 years ago

So sad kaan i didnt go! 🙁 no camhor too 🙁

15 years ago

hello, been ur silent reader all this while XD
nice pictures u hv. btw, the triangular snack thingy maybe doritos or chachos?
yg penting it has some sort of mexican name….hehe.

Chris Tock
15 years ago

making sushi /= cook 😛

15 years ago

How come no photos tagged on FB yet?!