I went on the most last minute plan EVER. around an hour before my tuition began, I only found out that I AM going to the Loft for HA. and I went to tuition in my dress and all which is quite weirdddd. had to do make up in the car and well, yeah like that. =D.

first time in an alcoholic event (says Marc). quite alright actually, love the booze =P. <3 Apple.

my parents have been “training” me to drink since err, I think 13? they will ask me to drink occasionally. I hate the taste of alcohol at first and soon, I kind of learned the basic art of drinking =D.

the flavours they serve! all of it is good actually. =D. and best of all is it’s really simple to make AND the result is… puuuurrrrrrrrfeeeeeeeeeecct!

varieties of cognags and fabulous music (not to mention, hot girls too! hot guys er… lesser.) =D.

and Lih Ren. I feel so grand standing there, the carpet’s red!

Mr Zues Goay the Hongkie looking guy. =O.

I accidentally poked his eye zomg T_T. I am so sorry!

oh and did I mention? GREAT FINGER FOODS TOO! but only for those with the VIP passes *grins* thanks Nuffnang. <3. and the person who ffk-ed Lih Ren. ahahaha. xD.

Tian Chad! okay so I now know him in real life. no more stranger! =D. supposed to go to the David Archuleta thing with him but ended up with my sis’s friend! oh my, I feel seriously lucky whenever I think back. =P.

Julien Lim! another JL! xD. JL’s all rocks okay xD.

Marciano! Marc actually. =D. he is like the very popular guy there, =P. he knows EVERYBODY! and claims that all the girls is his girlfriend *coughs*. I know him I think since I am 12 or 13. it has been a few years since I last saw him. 3 years minimum. when he was still o2jam’s GM or something. hahaha. =D. opps. I just revealed that I was one of those tomboy (and lifeless) gamers oh no!

I think Stanley is sick of me always showing how jealous I am. BUT I REALLY AM! T_T. so, I WANNA BE TALLER!

the very stunning Celine =3. met her back when I was form 1! she’s my sis’s best friend’s good friend, so something like that. =D.

ps : LOVE her top.

the very famous Joyce! I think she’s very stylish still! and nice. =D.

Celine and I was like stalking this guy behind. maybe I shouldn’t use the word stalk. sounds wrong! ADMIRE. yes, ADMIRE! we both think he is very cute (cuter than the artists) and then we er, took a picture with him! his name is… I don’t remember[PAUL!] but he’s from Norway! =D. *continus drooling* I have a thing for british guys by the way. =X.

one of the guy from Starz Angels, he mixes great songs =D.

Starz Angels and Caprice =3.

he makes me think of Jason. SUPERMAN CAP! one thing bad about forming a group is that people will only know you as “one of the guy from Starz Angels” but not your name hahahaa. xD SORRY! =P.

the hot RED couple. Steph and Ben =).

I was glancing around until I land my eyes on her. she is like one of the prettiest girls that I’ve ever met. and she is VERY tall. at least 3cm taller than me lar ok T_T. don’t know. but I was wondering why did she look so familiar.. and I recalled. she’s my favourite contestant in Miss Astro. HAHAHAHA, and to confirm I actually came home and check. and I WAS RIGHT! =3. gosh I need to go on a diet now =(.

I still think that she should at least get 2nd in Miss Astro! >=(!

okay here’s one lucky guy =P.

and it’s time for UPSTAIRS! =D! and..

CAMWHORES! David, Serge, Andrew, Joshua (who ditched my Birthday Party! >=(! better think of something good to explain you! hahaha xD.)

Caprice. I loveee this picture. those lens flare are just too pretty.

and my battery died here. so I don’t have any more pictures to show you boo hoo =(.

and the person who drove me there, and erm, took me in and everything is Lih Ren. you should really know how nice he is. he actually informed me about something that I will most likely not know and said he would help if I needed help! how nice is that =D. anyway, THANKS LIH REN!!!!!!!!!!!!

and so let me end my post with something sissy.

Simon : hi I am Mrs Simon! =3~!!!!

so what’s next? xD.

MUA’S SEVENTEENTH BIRTHDAY PARTY! =D. my real Birthday is 2 weeks away actually but anyway I HAD FUN PEOPLE! having a birthday party is something I look forward to every year so yeah, I am weird just let me be. =D.

thanks for wearing white people I LURVE YOU ALL!  yeah, my favourite colour IS white.

okay fine I lied, my post isn’t ending so soon! I still have a few more pictures stolen from other people’s camera’s.

Lih Ren’s.

Joshua Lee
, Andrew, Stanley, Lih Ren. UNCLEJOSH SMILE MORE!

whenever there’s a mirror there’s camera’s!


and after seeing this no complaining that I photostated my smile into every picture.

and later on, I bumped into mr hawt Norwegian. camwhored. with Marc’s perfect compact =D.

after a while standing in front of the stage, I felt too stuffy and well, at Marc’s area it’s at least a little better =3.

it was really hot there! many people and thus the body heat generated covers the aircond!

the VIP deck right behind the DJs xD.

ehhe, Zoe said this is my trademark smile. o.0 not really.. right? ahhaha.

uh huh ok BYE! xD

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15 years ago

OMG you start drinking since 13? Cool.. I only started to drink when I was 15, and I got drunk in my room and start vomiting here and there.. Anyway, you look mature and damn you are really cute! Cheers~

Serge Norguard
15 years ago

lucky guy? Ahahahaha, sorry lah.. had opportunity to use my signature sign. so i use it lo

Huai Bin
15 years ago

Haha! Dusty looks very uncomfortable being hugged by random large dudes. 😉

Happy birthday Jamie! 🙂

15 years ago

more to come Jamie =)

Serge Norguard
15 years ago

HB ahahaha…. i dont care… i had the chance to camwhore with jamie XD

15 years ago

next tiMe charge ur camera!! haha…rmb that oh

happy belated birthday^^

15 years ago

my birthday is 2 weeks later!!! T__T wuwuwuwu nobody reads what I write……

Serge Norguard
15 years ago

@jamie – im sorry dear… you are too awesomely pretty … so what ever text you wrote has been trumped by your bee-you-tee-ful pictures of you

Sheena Liam
15 years ago

Haha. Jamie!
Britain and Norway are miles apart. >.<
But you look gorgeous~

15 years ago

Zues, hehe well, not too early I THINK, just a few sips that time, until last year is when I tried drinking a few glasses xD.

Serge, HAHA! I bet you enjoyed xD. and no! you should read the words! they are prettier!

Huai Bin, well, at least he liked being hug =X. HAHAHAHA. next time you should do a sign saying “KISS ME” =P.

Hitomi, yeah T_T. it was a last minute thing I didn’t even have time to prepare!

Sheena, nono! I mean I have a thing for Britain guys, but then I still think Norwegian are cute because they are er, white. HAHAHA. =D. sorry for not stating it clearly =X.

15 years ago

hey jamie….nice bday party there….all white theme…i like white too.

the hennessy event was awesome…the norwegian guy looks cute….guess ur heart pounding fast when take picture with him…hehehe