by Nuffnang. and Nokia <3.

I betrayed Nokia. because my (half. don’t ask me why) new phone is an Anycall. =/.

the halloween party is quite of a blast you can say, other that I didn’t like the concept of the silent dance thingy, because when you look at other people dancing with no music/different music, you feel really weird. and the songs weren’t my type of thing either. and it’s rather interesting to see how can somebody transform into a scary monster!

and this is how Jamie Liew went as a “undead japanese girl”. although I really wanted to be an undead korean girl =(. couldn’t find the korean costume! but this one is not bad ain’t it? other than the make up isn’t good enough, I’ve put LAYERS of powder but look like it didn’t work. sigh..

ps : I didn’t use this dramatic eyelash in the end because half of my vision were blocked. and it is really quite uncomfortable! my first attempt for fake eyelashs =D.

I DREW THAT! with just eyeliner ehheee. did something like that for the bulletin boards of my classroom =D. love abstracts <3.

want to see some monsters?

lets start with the ones that aren’t scary. =D.

Issac the priest that is not so dracula. =P.

then there is this guy whom I don’t know in this gorgeous costume, based on Chris, the costume is from one of Backstreet Boy’s MTV. o.0.

jeez. he have longer hair. no fair!

Alex as a mad scientist! =D. in last minute, he told me he didn’t have a costume. as in, not prepared AT ALL. so this made-of-anything-you-have costume just popped into my mind! just look for your high school lab coat and viola! and another brilliant mind like mine thought of that too =P. (will show you later).

can you believe he wore his dad’s 600++ degrees glasses?

Karena as a.. ahm.. er.. a…… seductive-dead-devilish-toy fairy! see! already seducing a mad scientist! =P.

I consider myself not scary =D. like the fan I made? *giving a proud face*.

and my beautiful fan is useful enough during the heaty times, and as a decoration, and it has attracted countless people to pose with it =P.

Chriso Tocko the undead Phantom, posing with my pretty fan which in his opinion, he’s promoting my blog. =X.

and the seductive-dead-devilish-toy fairy posed with my fan too! =D.

I guess this is all, not really countless *coughs*.

I LOVE THIS COSTUME. a milk mascot with his face printed on the side. it is just so funny although not scary. contains melamine. really cute =P.

here’s Nick. met him for the second time (knew each other by wearing the same patrick shoes at the last pajama party =D.) and I don’t know what is he. a monster that slaughter babies I guess? o.0.

Mr Shaolin Tiger as the.. white undead shaolin guy.

very jealous of his height pfft. 176 is already enoughhhhhhhh. =/.

I just love this picture. the not-so-Marilyn Monroe and Alex both look so happy! this is how a party should really be =P.

another undead Japanese girl! Iris. =D. she should really get some prize or something, she MADE her kimono herself! and somehow I think it looks really nice. and (again) somehow after the party she found out that our sister’s know each other. and somehow I think I might be her schoolmate when I am really young too! hahahhaa. KL is tiny.

this party is indeed filled up with chiqs. so here’s more =D.

Zoe as the not-so-skinny corpse bride! her skin is SOoOooOoo PORCELAIN.. I bet every person who saw her that night thinks so. only 15! I can’t believe I am finally not the youngest anymore! T____T!

Min Li
! as.. a.. Mexican? =D. I like her hairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. couldn’t recognize her at the party until I saw her name tag, hair DOES make difference.

ps : Min Li if you’re seeing this, look what is different about the picture =P.

and Ayumi Hamasaki! very very alike, and very very pretty. I bet many girls rather be a little bit more petite to have a pretty face =D. and she’s really nice too! I mean really really. =3.


drooling already guys? Ginny, one of the prettiest girls that I know, also one of the nuffies. what is nuffies? nuffies are hired to look pretty and walk around in parties. so the guys will drool =D. where are the MALE nuffies?! no fair!

but it is okay because, there are hot guy bloggers too hehee. =P.

Leo as the death god. the way he wore, and made that sand timing thingy in a really creative way and also the clock that is hanging on his shirt (which don’t show here) is all very matching! he should really be a fashion designer or something hahaa. would be even perfect if he removed the mask. why hide a pretty face? =D.

and a handsome joker. he don’t look ugly even with the make up! it is the hair maybe? o.0.

*wondering if he is cute without the make up* =P =P =P

then, there are the tongues. TONGUES!

Robb don’t be jealous =P.

so ready for the scary ones?









ROARRRR, Robb as a very scary mummy. I was scared for at least 10 seconds. and I couldn’t recognize him for 20 seconds. that make up really make this good looking guy… hideous. applause to the make up artist!

I didn’t know who he was before I saw that tag. REALLY! I can’t believe I read his blog for so long and I couldn’t recognize him hahahaha.

Jolene, as Joker Nurse. she totally freaked me out when I saw her, but she’s really nice xD. met her at the party for the first time.  me and Alex were arguing about her gender at first when we saw her from afar (not clear!) because of her wig too, but as she came closer we see that she’s a girl =D. and of course, my guess is correct!

very obvious about what he is. pontianakkk. I think that’s real hair! but mine’s longer =X. in the dark, he really scared the chicken out of somebody!

and the one that scares the chicken out of everybody every time!






GROSS. Klubb Kidd *from the tag* as the deceased Kurt Kobain. that contact lens is super duper scary OKAYY. and that gooey skin and very real gun shot wounds just freaks me out! every time I walk pass him, I just…… feel cold.

so want to see something more scary?????

but at least you’ll have a smile on your face if you see IT in your nightmares.

and here’s……

PARIS PARUI HILTON! whose his her it’s boobs getting gripped by a crow lady =O.

and this slutty guy girl won the best dressed prize in FEMALE category!

Paris loves hot guys, but Parui? it loves SMART GUYS!

end of the nightmares =D.

lets move on to the PARRRTAYYYY

I think that you should really see this and have a goood laugh. ^^.

so this is Kenny’s curly hair.

so where did that curly hair go? =O.

and imagine, he’s dancing and the curly hair is bouncing. hhahahahhahahahahhaa.

opps! secret revealed! look how IN LOVE Chris and Yee Hou are =P. very madly deeply in love~

just… joking. =D. both single, and out for grabs girls!

a finally, a group picture. I ONLY have these 2 group pictures in my camera! gotta get the others from the others =D.

either Karena or Yee Hou and his friend. so I’ve decided to post both. so no complains!

and then, Yee Hou tried to poison me because I didn’t delete that picture of him not smiling. =P.

but too bad, I still kind of prefer my own flash heeeeeeeee. ^^.

result : not poisoned. no antidote(speed light) needed! at the moment =/.

and after the party, more camwhoring!

Celine! I actually met her in my own house! haha. my sis’s best friend’s good friend. =P.  her costume is amazingggg. but I didn’t get to approach her when she was still in her costume sigh…

but at least I am stealing it from Jeffro =D! scary right?!

Jeffro. I have to say that everytime I post his picture I guess. HIS EYES ARE SO PRETTY! his costume is really nice too and I didn’t take a picture of his costume with my camera in time too! because he hurt his leg while dancing. poor Jeffrey =(.

and I steal it from him, again. =D. he won the best dressed in the male category!

we camwhores just camwhore EVERYTHING!

Karena in my japanese slipper and me in her high heels. super sampats =P. well, she love flats and I love heels! we just went to the party with our feet not satisfied =D.

how will you react seeing them on the streets crossing the road? hahahahahahahhahaha. they did it several times, and in groups later, really fun =P.

when you can’t drive, you need friends who can drive to save you =D. ALEX I PROMISE I WILL DRIVE YOU NEXT TIME WHEN I GROW UP! =3.

so this is my first Halloween celebration, looking forward to more! *SCREW SPM!*

ps : I slept the whole day and I sound like I cried or something. sigh, flu. sigh, weather change. sigh, no mandarin oranges!

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15 years ago

Oh. My. God. There goes my chances down the drain X____X

15 years ago

HAHA wtf!! alex thought i was a guy? *makes plans to murder alex*

was nice meeting you that night too:)

15 years ago

I was DR EVIL.


15 years ago


blame the specs ok!! it`s 600+ in power.

15 years ago

Porcelain?! Now my complexion ain’t so good LIAW :[
You looked beautiful as the undead japanese…girl. You’ll probably wake all the others up, hee.

15 years ago

are u guyz Chinese?

14 years ago

i am organizer for Halloween party, we would like to invite you n your friend come together. Please email me if you all are interested