missed me? just be nice and say you do >_>”. that is because I left Malaysia for more than a MONTH. I went to see the Tulou far in YongDing for the past few days, yeah I know you don’t know where that is or what I went to see, google “earth buildings” it’s under the world heritage bla bla bla =D. finally finishing my 5 day Hong Kong trip blog post when I am already in China for more than 20 days. I straightened my hair today, and I look a little more.. flat. but I only had pictures of yesterday. so.. a little update about myself.

I am getting fatter, (I lose weight VERY slowly T_T) and thus my eyes are smaller. my hair is more seaweed(as somebody say so) than they are *until a few hours ago*. and I had to stick medicine up my nose, drink some liquid medicine and have pill medicine because I want to cure my long term flu. end of myself.

ps : I need want need braces.

pss : having a mole near your lips means you got the luck for food ^^v.

let’s move on to Hong Kong! =D. I want to go back there T_T. and I don’t know why, but it feels like MANY of my friends are going/went to Hong Kong this year. perticularly THIS YEAR. just seems like EVERYONE has been there! and of course, it is because.. Hong Kong is GREAT!

no comment.

yau ma tei

bye bye my frizzy natural waves~ =P. you’ll see me in stick treated natural straight hair VERY soon. and I got to say, living in Yau Ma Tei is a good choice! no regrets living there heeeeeee. =D. but then, City View’s PREMIER room is sort of Genting Highland’s standard room =/. nothings more expensive than land in Hong Kong.

egg tart

nobody can miss egg tarts. IF you miss eating egg tarts, you’ll regret it when you know how tasty it is. even if you think egg tarts stink, this one is a must try, it is really really really good. Yau Ma Tei egg tart<3. I know my finger is looking weird, I don’t know how I did it and I don’t think I’d want to do it again, it looks.. awful.

curry fishball

and so, I had CURRY FISHBALLS AGAIN!  need me to explain how delicious it is? and ALWAYS get the spicy one, because the not spicy one… is not spicy at all!


not only their chinese food rocks, their deserts rocks too! especially their mango pudding <3. everything’s just so perfect in Hong Kong =3. <3 <3. I always have that tiny little dream about living in Hong Kong although every single member of my family agrees that living in Hong Kong (I mean longterm) is a crazy option as the competition is too big. and people there are too fast (like they don’t sit down and talk after dinner or walk slowly at the roads). and they have to share a table while eating and gets pressured to eat faster. and the tiny little shops that is full with people (which honestly, I love it). and to be honest, the thing I really like is that you can drool as you walk, there’s a super cute guy at the information counter as soon as you take your luggage and another carrying your luggage into the rooms, do I have to explain more about what you can see on the streets?? (yeah, same goes for girls alright. haha.)

hk's efficiency

THIS is the level of efficiency in Hong Kong. being in a wheelchair doesn’t mean you can’t take the MTR. they support the disabled. and other than the community of hongkies that are really materialistic, most of them and nice and down-to-earth =D.and of course if you are asking for directions, pick the friendly faces.

funny sign

I just find this funny =P. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAA. such a funny rule. I didn’t dare to take a picture of the people there, it is because, they were all LYING on the benches =D.

smoking area

goodness I love Hong Kong. SO MUCH. you’ll not smell smoke everywhere! because the smoking areas are tad so tiny. and they print the eeky scary pictures on the cigg packs. it is just so wonderful to be in a place where your hair won’t smell after walking for a few hours. <3. and that you’ll be healthier not absorbing those stupid 2nd hand smoke. I HATE CIGGS! say NO to SMOKING!

every fountain brings luck =).


so finally to the topic, GOLDEN BAUHINIA. this my third time there, and it was my first time seeing this huge gold flower. (my mother said it looks like a cup more than a flower, and when she called it the gold CUP ever since.)

golden bauhinia

nothing special, really. coming here once is enough, and not coming here if you’ve been to Hong Kong for a few times is weird. so you JUST gotta take some time off and come to this place, it’s quite nice.. many people taking pictures.. and a great view. once is really enough =D.

and it is really REALLY chilly, I think I sat there for more than half an hour just enjoying the fresh air smelling the salty sea in front. I actually love this spot. it is just at the right side of the convention centre. and I’ve seen some drama’s that was actually filmed here! (I watched that drama AFTER this trip.)

just gotta do something funny when nobody’s looking =D.

dead fishes

do you have any idea how these little fishes managed to get on top? I guess they can’t possibly JUMP that high right. but when I see so many people fishing, I guess somebody just abandoned their luring item here.

I have no idea what this is, but it is so tall and I just got to take a picture with it. should be some kind of memorial thingy =D. seriously it is really frustrating that I don’t read chinese. I mean, although it wasn’t really my fault, or anyone’s, but I REALLY hope that I can read chinese. at least I know what stuffs are.

golden bauhinia

and.. a proper picture. with that gold cup/flower. there was actually a better shot (as in lightings) with my camera but my smile made me look extra chubby and I DO NOT like it. and there are many of those camera man asking “do you want a professional shot? just for 10/20HKD!” and of course, I said no, and after a few no’s, he was kind and helped me take some pictures with my camera, and his. (noticing that my mom doesn’t know how to professionally catch a good view). and printed the picture for me, for FREE! =P. and now it lays in my dad’s office <3.

the best snack. ever. can be bought at the shopping place in Mong Kok =D. it’s really quite popular. and it is super nice. you can pick the type of noodle you want, and add the toppings you like! very very recommended. =3.

wan chai

I freaking miss Hong Kong.

funny notice

on xiamen airlines. read the first word of each sentence. I ALMOST laughed like a hyena when I saw it. I am an ALIEN to them. =P.

xia men, outside hua qiao university

and finally CHINAAAAAAAA! <3 home sweet home <3. and that’s right outside my sister’s university, nice isn’t it? she’ll kill me when she sees a picture of her taken when she said “I don’t want to take pictures” and finally gets forced to take it. but I think she looks nice =X.

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15 years ago

hahahahahahah , jamie now is alien , yes u should be alien. cos u got a human face but grow a bunch of seaweed on ur head ~~ hahahaha alien liew

Ted Siow
Ted Siow
15 years ago

A pretty looking alien here. Hope you are feeling better. As my mother says “Drink more Water!” Do take care of yourself.
With regards to having braces, life is circular and when you have them, Karena will get return you full circle of comments. 😛

Have a good weekend.