well I am.  if you are too, I bet this will be a spot you won’t want to miss. even if you are not, this spot is rather interesting anyway. so where to?

ngong ping 360 tickets

uh huh! Ngong Ping 360! the largest Buddha in Hong Kong as I know. it is very famous even among Hong Kongers, they go there quite often. there are three ways to go there, if you want to save money and have a comfortable journey there, you can go by bus.

in the ngong ping cable car

or if you want a shorter journey, beautiful views and a little bit more expensive, you can go with the cable car. it costs around 90 HKD for a round trip, and the journey takes around 30minutes (bus around 45). if you think you got the stamina and you like hiking.

walking trail

go ahead. imagine, you’ll take around 30 minutes by cable car, how long do you think you’ll need in order to reach there? for me, walking trail is a no-no. I must be crazy if I were to do so hahaha. rather go shopping even if the length is longer. =D.

when you reach Lantau Island by CABLE CAR, the first thing you’ll see will be the beautiful shops that sells overpriced stuff, again. even the food is overpriced! the Buddha looks so small from here right? but it is really quite big upclose. =D.

look left

even after you’ve reached, you’ll need to walk for a little. I just LOVE this picture. =3.

camho with the Buddha

and when you are down there, you must camho with the views below, even if the Buddha still look small. wheee bokeh!

and below also means the floor. =D. that is of course if your pants is now white or beige or anything light.

but taking pictures sitting on the floor is really fun, I’ve always wanted to wear a white dress and take pictures lying down on the green healthy grass, but I am always having the thought that it’ll ruin the dress. =/.

I look like a cat here. really! and YES, I know the way I wake up is very not lady-like. >=(.

up the steps at ngong ping

and this is the part my mom hates. ok fine, I admit I didn’t like it much too, up the stairs to me, is even more difficult than up the hill. =X. and the true reason why I don’t like it is because..

it is so friggin’ sunny, and I didn’t have sunblock on. and it teaches me a lesson to.. ALWAYS BRING A BOTTLE OF SUNBLOCK NO MATTER WHERE YOU GO. even during winter. was actually freezing there as my clothing is too thin for the cold weather T_T.


DONATIONS! look how kind Jamie is *coughs*. and if you think donations is stupid, just think, who maintains the place? hmm? and it is good for you in a way. =D.

the reason why I love chinese culture. <3.


and the great Buddha statue.

another camho with the Buddha

camho a lot if not you’ll regret it when you go home, seriously! thats what happened to me at my last trip, I didn’t really bother to take pictures at that time >_>”.


other than the ENORMOUS Buddha, there are not so big but still BIG goddess surrounding it, and they are beautiful as well. and they are a lot easier to take pictures with too. =].

beautiful hong kong view

Ain’t it pretty? the view?

cute porta rico boys

the cutest and the most adorable two boys I’ve ever met, and they are NOT twins. they look so alike right?! these two Porta Rico boys can speak Mandarin mind you. and it sounds really cute haha.

so lets move on to some shopping.

levis outlet

OUTLETS! what do they sell? they sell the overrun stocks. samples or rejected ones too maybe? but just, expensive brands at a mor reasonable price. not that it’s REALLY cheap also actually.. =X.

nike outlet

you’ll droll at this place I shop, because the WHOLE BUILDING is branded outlets. =P. Addidas, Body Shop, K-Swiss, A/X, Esprit you name it!

and where is it? uhmm

if you know, you’ll spread it around and… that place will be more packed and all the stuff I wanted will be sold!

so I am NOT telling you. MWAHAHAHAHHAAA.

so lets move on to FOOD. =D=D=D.

special chee cheong fun

Chee Cheong Fun in PEANUT sauce. I don’t fancy peanuts but, THIS IS REALLY GOOD. it’s at the Yau Ma Tei, Pitt Street restaurant, the one I ate at before this. that shop is an addiction. REALLY!

wun chai chee

and the famous “Woon Chai Chee” erm.. in english it would be… small bowl shark fin’s soup? =X.

hong kong food

get jealous. Mmmmm. great food IS heaven.

tong chung peng

and a famous Teochew snack that is actually.. going to get extinct. which is yummy. called the Thong Chung Peng. <3. HK’s just filled with yummy food. as I heard from the couple who is buying it for their kids and themselves, they used to eat this thing during primary school! and it is really popular back then. so do you want to try it? =P. sold near my hotel, Cityview Hotel, outside the Yau Ma Tei MTR station exit er.. Pitt Street, the right Pitt Street.

soon Malaysia will do the same, not sure if it is ALREADY like this, having scary pictures on top of every ciggerate pack. something to lure smokers to stop smoking. so hello smokers, still wanna smoke? =D.

ok la, I am not so evil. I am “VERY” nice hehe. here, the place where all the outlet stores are.

when you get out of the MTR at the Tung Chung station, you’ll see it *winks*.

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15 years ago

ive been to the temple..i ran up the stairs in 1 breathe 😛
lol gd exercsie
love ur boots btw
oh man those foods are tempting me O.o
the 15th pic frm above..i knw u took it when u go to the toilet rite ><

15 years ago

I’d rather spent more money sitting cable car then walking endless stairs -D
Unless shopping!

15 years ago

Hey~!! I saw ur name at Simonso’s blog and here I am…hahaha….it’s a small world huh?? hahaha….Anyways, you look different…prettier of coz…love the way u dress too~^^

Tan Yee Hou
15 years ago

Try f/22 next time. Then you’ll get everything in focus 😀

15 years ago

Lisa, I don’t believe you can run up in 1 breath. =D. yeah! I like that boots too, now they sell those not nice already.. that one is like 2 years old =P. I did not go to the toilet surprisingly ^^.

Lynn, uh huh, thats totally true xD!

Angela, thanks =P. in this post my dressings is more to the walk-a-lot look. now I really wonder how you know Simon haha.

Yee Hou, sigh, I wonder when will I be as pro. T_T. thanks btw =P.