what isย Hong Kong without DIM SUM?? nice or not, you still gotta try. I actually prefer the chee cheong fun in Malaysia but as for the other dishes? they are those which you’ll seldom/not find in anywhere other than HK. and there are “directions” for how you should order your dim sum. if you are in a high-class-restaurant-for-rich-people-that-tastes-normal, there would be no problem for a foreigner to order something. BUT, if you are in somewhere where locals pours in, you gotta know how.

firstly, you will be given a piece of printed paper, chinese words or whatever with numbers. THEN, there won’t be a price list around. the waiters or waitresses WILL NOT serve you to the dim sum. YOU got to squeeze yourself to the dim sum auntie and give her your paper and point out at what you want to eat. delicious ones and famous ones are usually waited with many people. and in my opinion, it is always better to go with friends. =D.

dim sum

dim sum can be really filling, so if you want to try more, get more people to go with you. =3. those who can’t speak cantonese at all are adviced to go with somebody who knows cantonese,or just go to the expensive ones that’s good, and the one that is REAL yummy and is REAL expensive, it would be Lei Garden (Lei Yuen). =D. you do not need to know where to find it, just go around the Mong Kok area and ask the locals for the restaurant.

hong kong street

this is what you’ll see at almost everywhere. beautiful isn’t it? =P. I LOVE IT. hahaha. not so pretty, but it is super special isn’t it?! but I just wonder if it’s dangerous to have so many signboards on top @@. the beauty of a forest of buildings. =>.

everythings so pretty in HK! even the no entry signs! =P.

wing lok street

this is called Wing Lok Kai (Tsuen Wan). never come here during the rainy season because this road is usually flooded, but it is getting fixed! =P. I seriously hope I can read chinese now, there is so many sign boards which is in chinese T_T. pffts for being a banana.

and another reason why you should love HK.

jamie and james

it is because there are many nice and cute people around! they will help if you need it, really! and this is my new made friend =D. such nice eyes he have =3. right??

exchange students

yes, many! =P. it is really nice of them to do charity right? =D. (my mom forces me to take pictures with everything and EVERYBODY. seriously.)

the peak

though it is quite of a polluted country, but plants will be planted at every little space and every little corner. =>.

hong kong the peak tram

ever been on trams? =D.

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15 years ago

u looked great! ๐Ÿ™‚

15 years ago

the boys are cute ;D
but they don’t look like locals, look more like japanese tho ๐Ÿ˜‰

15 years ago

That hill on the second picture really freaks me out, I do hope the annual typhoon doesn’t cause a landslide *hugs wood*

15 years ago

gimme their msn! i wan kao! lol

15 years ago

Lisa, =P kamsahamnida!

Lynn, I know! super cute xD. 2 of them are korean and one jap. =3. so glad to meet somebody my age there. feel so 16!

Robb, go away! they don’t like guys! =P. I’m telling you-know-who….. wuahahahaha. jkjk =D.

15 years ago

tell la. i dun mind. don’t like guys can slowly pui yeung 1. lol

15 years ago

omg serious ? those gays on your blog are very cute =D=D=D. lets pui yong them to be straight! wahahahha