on the third day, we went to BUGIS STREET! it’s like the most crowded street and it’s more or less like Sungei Wang in Malaysia, just a different style. it’s actually the nicest place to shop. first, the prices are reasonable, and second the clothes are pretty! and also the food there rocks. =P. Just take the MRT to Bugis and go up from Exit C and you’ll see it.

the expensive dress I bought from Orchard is ALSO sold here for at least SGD20 cheaper! damn regret I tell you. *puffs*. as for the price, the dresses/shirts/pants/whatever are ranged from SGD10 to SGD35. the clothes are WONDERFUL, I could have bought more if I were richer. haha. had so much fun in there. although very small, but it’s quite like a maze, you’ll probably get lost in there and never come across to the same shop again. also do bring along your most comfortable shoe despite how ugly it might look because you’ll buy one when you’re there if you don’t have one, high heels are totally off unless you plan to take taxi everywhere. short distance already cost 12$ (RM 25?).

as for the food, I’ve not tried much, but the juices are really worth it, my favourite banana and papaya <3 just for 1 dollar! and the sausages are splendid too! I have to admit that it is not a high-class place, but it’s a fun place to shop for clothes. (unless I’m a BILLIONAIRE, I will just go for all the branded stuff, which I think might be a little more boring.)

I don’t have a picture of Bugis Street but then the sign there is so big that you’ll not not notice it. =)


one of the speciality there I guess, but I seriously have a bad feeling about how it might taste. I don’t think it’ll taste nice, because durian doesn’t have any juice, it’s just mixed with some solutions and it became some type of juice.


the very colourful stairs outside bugis street <3

and yeah! clothes!



one of the latest fashion in Singapore I guess, many girls there is wearing this with shorts or short skirts along with a belt which actually look quite nice, and what more? it’s comfortable! and can also tuck it in to your office skirt and wear it to office too, multipurpose =).


$ 25

DAMN WORTH IT OK! just LOOK at it! so pretty!


$ 21

sigh, how I wish Malaysia have fashion this nice at a price like this. maybe around RM100 for a nice dress like this in M’sia.

(picture deleted, not showing you *blehh*)

this one, the $69.90 dress with 20% off which makes it SGD55. the one in Bugis Street is $37. can you believe it? I lost RM40 just like that. grhh! @#*&@^#(@)#


famous 1 dollar ice cream, believe me, durian is the nicest! ^^

and next, we went to Arab Street which is just nearby, bought lots of Swarovski Crystals for clothes, nails and gadgets. =D. bought the plastic ones also to put on places that are less visible, like toes, save money okay!



some people might think why spend so much money for Swarovski when the plastic ones are more than 10 times cheaper.


spot the difference! =D


and this is how I got broke =/. actually left of the white colour crystals which cost $6.00 for 144 pieces. so the REAL TOTAL is SGD45! I’m seriously broke broke broke! there are 4 shops that sells these crystals there from what I know since I strolled through all the shops. there is one shop with a very nice indian uncle that sells mostly sworovski and the shop is really bright too, the crystals there are the cheapest! imagine, 10 tiny swarovski crystals here in Malaysia are sold for 5 bucks RM in PASAR MALAM (imagine in the malls). and around RM15 bucks for 144 in Singapore.

later on, we made it to the zoo although at that time it’s already 3 (zoo closes at 6, and mind you, at least 2 hours and a half to finish the zoo)


the signs are damnnnn cute.


my relative! yeah I’m born on the monkey year.


and the most shocking thing is there is a board for the blind too, if I am blind, I don’t think I’ll make it all the way there walking so far just to read what I can read (I think) on a blind person’s encyclopedia. just felt so grateful that I can see =), and you there be grateful too! and as I walk 0n, I don’t see this kind of board already, they must have known that it’s a waste of money and stop making these for the other animals.


OTTERS ARE SO CUTE!!!! I’m so grateful I can see them! one of the cutest animal in the zoo!

and the not-so-cute-huge-leopard-peeing. ewwww!


Kangaroos! a whole field of it. Singapore Zoo is just so cool, it makes me feel like I’m in Australia!


one of the coolest thing you can find in this zoo. the Baboons in a large number.


when I say large number, I mean A LARGE NUMBER! these red backsides can actually be one of the animals you’d spend time looking at the most! there are just so many of them! some of them fighting, some of them caring, some of them lazing..


zomg it’s like ages ago since I’ve seen these rare white tigers, the last time was in Genting watching some magic show with a tamed white tiger. they just look so graceful to me =P.


another thing I like about Singapore’s Zoo is that most animals are just one glass thick away from you, which mean you’ll get to see them up close =P.


parrots bite okay. they bite.

and after the zoo, young girls like me love the.. SOUVENIR SHOP!! especially taking pictures with the toys =P


my favourite toy there, the polar bear xD. they’re just too cute!

I know you think that polar bears aren’t as cute as panda’s, but think again!






instead of cheesy wedgets, KFC here sells CHEESY FRIES! not as nice as wedges imo, but nicer than normal fries of course. =).


bats! on my way to night safari after zoo

night safari to me is not as nice as the zoo but it is unique, though some animals couldn’t be seen as it’s dark. there is this cage full of bats which I find quite interesting. I’ve never seen bats before until then =P. took the walking path since the tram doesn’t seem fun to my family, cannot just observe at something we like for a longer time.

always remember, WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES! because although wearing flat shoes, your legs might most probably get all exhausted.


next day we went to shop again, no pictures were taken until at night, where I met up with both of my bestest friends who are both Singaporean. I don’t know why either.


and they are Afina and Daniel! if you know them, DON’T YOU TRY BULLYING THEM! they’re my precious <3. known Afina ever since I’m 12 and have been best buds since the day we met despite of having almost the exact opposite personalities, strange but it’s true! always being there for me, even there is no time, she came in her uniform to meet me, love you fina! as for Daniel, he is one of the best person ever, straight forward (true to themselves and friends) and always willing to help his friend and listen to their (me actually) complains on their imperfection of everything and gives good advices. used to talk so much on Skype that we go on and on for 12 hours! *in my memory yes 12 hours!* (and means eat also in front of the comp =))


Daniel didn’t open his eyes so I cropped him out hahah. =P. and AFINA IS PRETTY! =D

I know, I have hedious teeth. but it’s at least better than the smokers teeth. *puffs*

ciao! =)

ps : my sis whom some guys are strolling on my blog just to try and catch a glimpse of some stories of her have her own blog already. spent my whole night helping her out, so you like her or not just go view it. =D jeannieliew.blogspot.com.

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