actually it’s 6 days to be exact.

it’s my first time in Singapore, don’t ask me why. it’s just so embarrassing to tell my friends that I’ve not been there (used to think it’s just like Malaysia, but I am so wrong). so now I need to go there once and for all to get my pride! but for now, I think I’ll be able to go there anytime already, since it’s so efficient. =D. it’s greater than what I expected! like finding Malaysians all over Hong Kong. people there speak more or less like Malaysians and the MRT there is just like the MTR in Hong Kong! and not only MRT, the buses there are also damn efficient. if I’m living in Singapore I won’t need to always BEG my sister and mother to fetch me out to malls which they usually won’t. the KTM comes like 30mins or more once and it moves like a snail. yes, like a SNAIL. it’s always packed and sometimes it’s so packed that your ass will “glide” with somebody elses. seriously la, if our country’s public transport can be more efficient, we won’t have any “masalah kesesakan lalu lintas” (traffic jams).

expensive place to shop, but great place to eat, before I went to Singapore, I remembered somebody telling me Singapore’s food sucks, TOTALLY NOT TRUE OK! it’s so delicious, and it’s just the food court, restaurants? even more. but of course the price will be even “greater”. to be compared with Malaysian food, I think it’s really expensive, for example, the taiwanese hotdogs there are 1.30(SGD), and the ones in Malaysia having the same taste and sometimes better is also 1.30(RM), and the rate is around 2.37! but the food range here is around 2.50 to 5 SGD for a normal plate of something in the non-air conditioned food court, so if you are eating something that costs more than that, it’s certain that that area is a hot spot. =P.

there is also a nice place to shop, will talk about it later, *winks*.

took a lotttt of pictures, so I guess I gotta divide it into a few parts ^^v.


the view from my window =P

very lucky that I have an Aunt here and her place is right in the middle, Tanjong Pagar, where going everywhere is very simple. and what a great view I have ^^.


Takashimaya, Orchard. not really a place to shop imo, it’s really a bit too expensive, but for holidays.. sure like that la right? =). but if you are intending to buy clothes not from shops like Topshop, LV, Gucci, PWEEEESEEE do not shop in Orchard, liok peoples money >_>. I bought a dress and later saw it in somewhere else that is 20SGD (RM50) MORE CHEAPER THAN WHAT I BOUGHT! felt so damn cheated, and it is stated 20% off, after 20% discount it is still 20 bucks more expensive! wth. I’ll not shop for the not famous brands ever again in Orchard. NEVER!


something damn chio I find in S’pore, damn pro. =P. they actually put this so that their mall will be less wet during the rainy days.

and in Malaysia I guess it’ll be, wet then wet lah! we pay the cleaners to clean the floors. poor cleaners =/.


there’s many of these designer chairs placed in the middle of Central (the mall is named Central, where my S’pore friend said have the yummiest food in SG) that I find damn cute, in Clark Quay



Clark Quay, don’t play play, a plate of salad cost 20+ SGD (RM50 for a plate of salad which u might not know if it’ll taste nice). but of course, it’s for the environment, which is also not worth it.


while walking there is this few ang mohs who walked beside and pointed on top and shouted, ” OMG! WHAT DOES THAT LOOK LIKE?!”


maybe not, but I think it’s supposed to look like a dolphin right? just that the ang mohs are very dirty minded *coughs* and whats more is that there are many of these “dolphins” in Clark Quay.


Clark Quay at night


a shop called Clinic, and their chairs are wheelchairs! nice to see, but I guess it won’t be that comfortable to sit on, it’s non cushion and it has big wheels >_>.

and some are ward beds! so cool right? =P

and guess how the light looks like

img_8380.jpg LIKE THIS!


sit there and get a “blowjob” o.0

I guess the blowjobs are actually some alcoholic drink according to the pictures. =D


some German toys, so love it <3

but I have no idea how they get the idea to sell it here, do they think tourists touring in Singapore would look for German souvenirs? so weird right. but it’s just so damn cute, and expensive. Germany have the cutest toys as always ^^. and the red one in front, SO CUTE RIGHT?!

and I guess that’s all for now, gotta pack everything. toodles.

ps : Happy Birthday Sonnie Aaron <3. muahs!

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16 years ago

ur hair in the Takashimaya pic…. LOL

16 years ago

“Blowjob” LOL!

No comment already lah… that’s just too damn hilarious XD

Alex |\/\/|

11 years ago

Chance upon your blog while googling for Luxury norraebang,read some of your posts in Korea and i really love your photos!! Anyway I’m from singapore,love all the post I read here and would come back to read often when I am free.. i am more active in Instagram,just followed you and liked quite a handful of your photos! Sorry for the spam,wahahaha!