gaining popularity from her youtube video “umbrella” and now having tonnes of fans. half japanese and half irish, Marie Digby is was in town! if you haven’t heard of her, please go LOOK for her video. =P. if you’re a guy, you might drool =D. last Thurs she performed at 1Utama, which is very damn far from my house. gotta rush there all the way right after my long 3 hour tuition eventhough I was feeling so so tired and slimy. but it’s all worth it I guess? she’s a great person, love the songs she wrote <3. Thanks Josh Lim (Advertlets) for the invite and priority pass alsooo, if not I’d be waiting for that super duper long queue to just get her signature, which I will most likely not do that as I am having an exam the next day.


Marie Digby!



look at all those chio handphone cameras. they keep blocking us! to take pix of her, everybody has no choice but to RAISE THEIR HAND UP high and let people smell their crap.


compact camera can zoom in more than mine zomg.


we saw those people in front kept camwhoring so we did the same thing too! xD ; Me, Jeannie, Josh LEE


look at how much I SWEAT! I was like caught in the middle of the big crowd and my hair’s long. sigh.




she’s signing the album I bought!


I got a pic with her, do you? hehe =P

when I was trying to get a picture with her, I asked if that person standing there doing nothing(one of the workers there) to help me take a picture with her, and she said she CAN’T so that very kind guy behind helped me. HMPH! some people are just so mean. >=(

up till here that is, bye =)


syok sendiri =X

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7 years ago

Hahahaha I saw the Marie Digby post so I had to read hahaha this post is sooooooo 9 years ago!!! I loooveee her song ‘kissing you’. I got a very long LSS of that song back in college. And she is soooo adorbs!!!!!!!!