went to Borneo Baruk Club yesterday. Club?! yes, a CLUB! which means no 16 year old is allowed. But who cares right? when there is even a kid like at the age of 8 there. Everybody there’s really friendly, seriously, I’ve never met so many friendly people in a day before. Some people, no matter how much you crap, they won’t give you a friendly smile or reply you as much as you’ve said, oh wait, is it me that talks too much?? =P. Well, the food there kinda suck but overall it’s alright.. and I met Ji Yuan and Shaun there too!


My blog manager, you know, the one that get me out of blog troubles. haha. anybody interested in getting a hosting+domain+good service, CONTACT HIM! (Wilson)


I don’t know if you know her a not, but IMO, she is DAMN PRETTY! every (most la) guy who sees her, even girls actually, will go “WHAO, HOT!” and her name is… *drum rolls*… Ginny! I met her once before when I’m form 1, already felt that she’s very very pretty at that time, and now getting even and even more. If someday I see her modeling for Shiseido, I won’t be surprised!


and here’s the very dolly looking DAWN YANG! she look so perfect right?! She’s like a barbie doll ALIVE. I felt a bit pity for her, so many people asking to take pictures with her, I smile for a while non-stop my gums will feel a little numb already, and people have been asking to take pictures with her the whole night!



and here’s the guy who won for the quirkiest post, aka the chipster guy, so cute right his outfit?


AND NOW! my very own favourite blogger, XIAXUE! if you say you hate her, you hate her because she’s straight forward, I find most of the things she say true and honest, how many of us got the guts to do that right? like for example, you have a super duper fat friend and also boring, and then that friend asks you ” do you think I’ll ever get to marry one day? ” in your heart you might be thinking ” with that body and that attitude, the possibilities of getting married is like the possibilities of seeing a penguin in the dessert ” but instead, you’ll say ” you’ll meet somebody who likes you one day “. True right? =). But the best is try to look at the positive sides of people la. =D. *unless that person’s negative side is TOO TOO unacceptable*. back to Wendy, she’s really nice! and friendly, won’t feel odd or uncomfortable around her imo. ^^v.


Han Solo aka Jason aka Smashpop! got to know him from this event, he claims he’s 12 year old, goodness, got 12 year old this tall? finding him made me win this T! my T says Hairy Potter, when I saw it I was like LMAO.


ROBB! =D *to Robb : luckily I go right, or else you’ll be even more bored! you made the right choice to invite me wuahahahaha. xD * HANDSOME A NOT?! HANDSOME RIGHT?! can you imagine he lost 60kg? and I can’t even lose 1! instead, I think I gained 1 T_T.


my cute Patrick (worn on St. Patricks day! what a coincidence) and Robb’s cute.. black thingy, don’t know what it’s called already, and also with his sexy legs. =D


do you know him? you don’t? go check who you should know in the “100 people you should know in Asia” list. *winks* He’s Kid Chan! the one and only Photographer that made it in the list, his pix are seriously nice, don’t play play. =P.

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16 years ago

I couldn’t recognise kid chan with his sun glasses…

a few of my friends was like…why is he with shades,very yeng meh?it was so dark there

but indeed his wedding photo portfolio is damn good la…

p.s. We didn’t take photos together!!!and shaun and jason and your sister jeannie…argh!!!

16 years ago

Uh wow, you’ve got all the important photos with important people. Now i lagi regret for being so darn anti-social. Haha! Well, at least i took a photo with you… although no one will ever see it cause i’ll never put it up. BWAHAHAHA! Me is not looking as good as Dawn Yang or Kid Chan. *sob*


p.s. Funny how i enjoyed the food the most. HAHAHA!

16 years ago

Ji Yuan – Kid Chan looks most superstar-ish among all the males in that event, really @@. Maybe he thinks he look better with sunglasses? =P. YEALA! how can I forget to take a picture with you. aww. I don’t even have time to take picture with Kenny Sia, how sad right? =(

Shaun – open Shaun! >_< swt means you won’t send it to me too? T_T. I look damn ugly beside Dawn Yang and yet I still took pix with her. =D it’s okay oneee.. =) the food.. eee…. *speechless*

16 years ago

lets wear that tshirt together tomoro lol

16 years ago

Goddamn lah wei… my post was late for the deadline so I totally missed out on it~


Well, next year will definitely make it if they have another one lah =P

16 years ago

La la la la~

16 years ago

Hey Jamie,

Nice meeting you:)


nice meeting you too. tell your fren, it’s a prescription glasses. Recently lost my NORMAL white glasses. Dont want to bump into girls in their pyjamas, may get into serious trouble:)

16 years ago

I spot something interesting wanna know look for me in msn cuz it wouldnt b nice to tell here 😛
and this i read like 1/4 and ignored the rest im too lazy LOL