[HK] TOP 5 Scenic Hikes in Hong Kong


so after living in Hong Kong for close to three months during the entire fall, I found my new love: hiking.

I realized that the Hong Kongers really enjoy hiking only after this trip. hiking wouldn’t have even had crossed my mind as a(n Asian) tourist. the past 4 times I’ve been in HK, I cannot think of anything else other than shopping, eating and the occasional drinking/clubbing. this time, to get me healthy, my boyfriend suggested we hike. and my oh my, I thought HK is a concrete jungle; but it is only partly true. little did I know, it has its nature well preserved too!

while there are a whole lot of trails, I would like to list 5 of the hikes I think has the best views in HK!

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[HK: CausewayBay] Atum. a Desserant.


so what is a desserant? well, it’s exactly like the name! a restaurant that only serves desserts to fill your belly! I have always wanted to try having high-tea in one of HK’s many upper class restaurants, but little did I know.. it costs at least 200HKD per person just to have some scones, cakes and tea. super expensive especially for a poor student like myself. but since it was new years, my boyfriend wanted to let me try at least ONCE! (thank you boyfriend ^^) so we decided to head to the Avant-garde style Atum; where art becomes edible. or edibles become art? Continue reading “[HK: CausewayBay] Atum. a Desserant.”


SO! I was supposed to go “touch cockles” which means to collect cockles at the beach but the weather was crazy so at a last minute change of plan, we went to Tai O which is at Ngong Ping, where the big Buddha is! except you need a LONG bus ride to Tai O. one way costs around 20HKD but it is cheaper on the weekdays. haha.

IMG_4993 copy

so the thing is, I wasn’t really there for there Pink Dolphin because according to the internet it costs over 400HKD but HERE, it costs only 25HKD (got mine for only 20HKD though!!). probably because it’s a small boat and they don’t stop for a long time to watch the dolphins but trust me, it’s long enough. Continue reading “[HK: Tai O] SEEING PINK DOLPHINS!”

[HK: Central] the amazing milk tea!

during my one week visit to HK, I think I came here almost everyday. it was my absolute favourite place! not only was the skyline amazing, there are a lot of yummy stuff around like Mak’s Noodles and Kau Kee! further, Lan Kwai Fong is just around the corner heheheheheh. well one reason for coming here often’s actually because I like to take the ferry and the ferry takes me here all the time hahaha.

제가 제일 좋아하는 센트랄을 소개하겠습니다! 홍콩에 있는 동안 거의 매일 왔고요 여기 먹는 것과 골목들이 너무나 이뻐서 자주 오게 되었다. 그리고 스타페리를 이용한다면 여기에 많이 오게 될것 입니다~.

IMG_4467 copy

hadn’t been here in 7 years and it seems like there are.. more “land” now. haha if you get what I mean.

센트랄의 경치~ 여기는 원래 땅이 그렇게 많지 않았다. 사진에서 볼 수 있는 땅들 7년 전에는 해였다. Continue reading “[HK: Central] the amazing milk tea!”

[HK: Jordan] Australian Dairy Co.

so they say that if you visit HK you need to go to this place called Australia Dairy Co. for their scrambled egg sandwich. and I did.

not only was looking for that place difficult, I reached at 8am and…

IMG_4439 copy

this was what I saw. some super duper long queue! if I wasn’t there with a HK friend, I guess I would’ve lined up like the rest of the crowd. Continue reading “[HK: Jordan] Australian Dairy Co.”

[HK: Central] Mak’s Noodle

so I am finally back from HK and my long 3 weeks holiday around Malaysia and HK. I hope everyone missed me! =3. anyways, in HK there’s this wontonmee place that I fell in love with. it was so good I went back the very next day! and it seems like I wasn’t the only one because I saw the same angmoh who wore a suit the next day too! its service was better than the normal.. well I don’t want to say rude but.. not so polite service and their noodles live up to their name.

IMG_5177 copy

it’s called Mak’s Noodle (or in Cantonese, Mak Ngan Kee) and it has several branches but the one I went to was in Central. if you key it in on google maps it’ll pop out instantly! Continue reading “[HK: Central] Mak’s Noodle”

[HK: Wan Chai] Golden Bauhinia

missed me? just be nice and say you do >_>”. that is because I left Malaysia for more than a MONTH. I went to see the Tulou far in YongDing for the past few days, yeah I know you don’t know where that is or what I went to see, google “earth buildings” it’s under the world heritage bla bla bla =D. finally finishing my 5 day Hong Kong trip blog post when I am already in China for more than 20 days. I straightened my hair today, and I look a little more.. flat. but I only had pictures of yesterday. so.. a little update about myself.

I am getting fatter, (I lose weight VERY slowly T_T) and thus my eyes are smaller. my hair is more seaweed(as somebody say so) than they are *until a few hours ago*. and I had to stick medicine up my nose, drink some liquid medicine and have pill medicine because I want to cure my long term flu. end of myself. Continue reading “[HK: Wan Chai] Golden Bauhinia”

[HK: Lantau Island] Big Buddha

well I am.  if you are too, I bet this will be a spot you won’t want to miss. even if you are not, this spot is rather interesting anyway. so where to?

ngong ping 360 tickets

uh huh! Ngong Ping 360! the largest Buddha in Hong Kong as I know. it is very famous even among Hong Kongers, they go there quite often. there are three ways to go there, if you want to save money and have a comfortable journey there, you can go by bus. Continue reading “[HK: Lantau Island] Big Buddha”