here’s some more pictures taken in Jinhae and.. some in Hyehwa.

IMG_0359 copy2

random old train track near Gyeonghwa Station.

IMG_0368 copy2

candid picture at Gyeonghwa station!

IMG_0403 copy

IMG_0554 copy

when your best friend tries to ruin your picture.

IMG_0584 copy (2)

when BABARI GIRL strikes AGAIN.

IMG_0923 copy

IMG_1236 copy

trying something out of my errr comfort zone? I’m not a jeans and shirt kind of person to be honest. =X. I’m a skirt and dress kind of girl hahaa.

IMG_1294 copy2

here’s the area I live in. I give you the permission to be jealous =P.

IMG_1366 copy copy


all pictures above by Neoh Ke Chean

7 thoughts on “Spring Photoshoot

  1. Muji L says:

    I love your blog. How I wish I was studying in Korea πŸ™‚
    I did live in Japan though
    I am going there for a holiday in September. REALLY Looking forward to it !


    Jamie Liew Reply:

    I love Japan too! Studying in Japan will definitely be more chill than Korea so don’t worry hehe. Just visit Korea for holidays!


  2. radin fadli says:

    Just got back from Seoul, I missed the Spring’s weather. Sakura Sakura Sakura hahaha
    I love ya blog jamie keep it coming!


    Jamie Liew Reply:

    thank you! ^^


  3. Charmaine says:

    You look very nice in the black top and ripped jeans! So…go ahead and step out of your comfort zone more often? πŸ™‚ did u rip the jeans yourself?


    Jamie Liew Reply:

    thanks ^^ no of course not!


  4. emfolla says:

    Hi babe! Where do you stay? How much is your rental fee?


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