I’m a big fan of cheese. and cheesecakes.

so there’s this huge hype over cheesecakes in Osaka and if you’re a foodie like me, you’ve probably heard that Pablo and Rikuro Ojisan (grandpa) are the best in Osaka. these shops often have a long queue outside them but I didn’t stand in line too much as I bought them late since I stayed in Kyoto and I didn’t want to carry the cake everywhere I go. they are really popular in Osaka and each time I pass by their shops I feel like buying another one. D=!

BUT the thing is, you gotta buy the whole cake. which.. isn’t too big. but certainly not for one..

I could only have two slices at one time (out of 8). so we left the rest of it at the refrigerator.

IMG_4104 copy

we first tried out Pablo as the advertisement of it drives me gaga. and at 780yen I’d say it’s a steal. I mean, even a slice of cake at Hongdae at a nice place would cost you around 600yen.

I mean. look at this. you can have it raw or.. a little raw or something. we opted for the raw but the weather was cold by the time I reached Kyoto and sliced the cake, it looks like..

IMG_4106 copy

I know, I know, such a huge difference but it was really cold alright. we ate it cold and it tastes like cheese pudding. yum. I wouldn’t call it a cake though because its crust’s some pastry/tart. so I’d like to rename Pablo’s cheesecake to Pablo’s Cheesetart. haha. and we actually put the last piece in the microwave to have it heated but it melted so bad T_T. still edible though. but I personally think that having it chilled is best! mainly because I love pudding ahhahaha.

IMG_5311 copy

after a few days, we bought Rikuro Ojisan’s cheesecake. I think you’re supposed to eat it warm. but it tastes good both warm and cold. when you buy it at the shop, they’ll give you a piece of warm, fluffy, fragrant Rikuro cheesecake ^^. which was awesome. =D. even better thing is, this cheesecake costs under 600yen!

IMG_5314 copy

I personally preferred Rikuro’s cheesecake as it is WAYYY lighter and fluffier. I can eat half of this cake without feeling sick of it. but one thing I didn’t like so much about this cake is the raisins. I mean, I love eating raisins. but I didn’t think that it went so well with the cheesecake. my Japanese friend on the other hand, loved it. I would be happier if it was chocolate chips. =S. I guess it’s just a personal thing. but overall, yummy cheesecake. I wouldn’t say it is very special or anything but it is definitely delicious. I guess simplicity’s the best. I heated it for like 10 seconds and it came out hot and yummy! =D.

verdict : try both if you have the chance. but if you can only have one, I’d say go for Rikuro’s. =D. I don’t exactly know where can you buy these cheesecakes but you’ll stumble across them as they are pretty much everywhere in Osaka. bought mine from Namba (Pablo) and Osaka Station (Rikuro).

5 thoughts on “[Osaka] Pablo Cheesecake VS. Rikuro Cheesecake

  1. Feliz says:

    It looks good. I love cheesecake too! =)


  2. Fiona says:

    woaaahhhhhh.. I loove cheesecake, srsly. 🙂 I can imagine how this one would taste.. with all those cheese… I’d go for the fluffy one since 😀


  3. Carmela says:

    Do you have the recipe for this cheese cakes?


  4. MehMeh79 says:

    Hi, because I saw somewhere online stated that the Rikuro’s cheesecake ‘s raisins are soaked in their special syrup. Will like to ask does the raisins taste got alcohol?


    Jamie Liew Reply:

    Not really but I didn’t like it 🙁


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