I love chocolate yes. but I do not usually drink hot chocolate. most places serve hot chocolate only nice for a few sips and it just gets really disgusting after that. but the ones here at Cherry Blossom is DA BOMB. I am not even kidding. it is so hard to explain. seriously.

because I can’t take coffee, I’ve always ordered chocolate drinks back in Malaysia whenever friends go to starbucks (and you know the other non-caffeine drinks are just so so.) which had contributed to me being sick of hot chocolate drinks.

when Jia Yii told me about this place I had doubts and I would really prefer something else like green tea latte. but I still gave it a shot anyway since he was really sure I was going to like it. and I did.

CIMG3641 copy

they have these amazing seats upstairs for you to lay down and it is perfect for couples. super duper romantic in my opinion hehehe. and because it is christmas they also placed these huge teddy bears on every seat. but the place is rather small so getting a place upstairs was some real luck.

CIMG3645 copy

went with my pretty Korean girl friend, Sophie!

CIMG3656 copy

the decorations are pretty simple but they just felt so christmasy and quaint. loved it =3.

CIMG3660 copy

they’d always recommend couples to order a hot chocolate alongside with a more “refreshing” drink because the hot chocolate they serve are really thick. but just drink water in my opinion. the hot chocolate is too good to share. they have 3 levels of chocolate. 20+%, 50+% and 70+%. something like that. my friend took the mild one and I took blossom, which is the 50+% one. they are reasonably priced at 6,500won for a HUGE cup of pure heaven.

CIMG3662 copy

it might look tiny in the picture but really, it is huge.

CIMG3673 copy

my view from above. I’d always recommend my friends to go to cafes like these. a place that’s more special, small and cozy. =3. and they might serve something so good that you’d get surprised!

and here are some pictures I took with my DSLR when I came here with Kate =3.

IMG_3693 copy

Chocolate Patbingsu!!! this was good but I still preferred Homilpat.

IMG_3702 copy

their most famous desert. it was.. just alright for me. but it is good if you are hungry I guess. I’ve also tried their apple crumble. it smelt really good but the taste was mediocre.

IMG_3708 copy

but I really recommend this place! it is located behind that famous SinSeollongtang shop in Sinchon.

IMG_3710 copy

here’s how it look like from the outside. it is quite secluded so it might be hard to find for first timers but here’s a map!

지도 크게 보기
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and that is from Sinchon Station’s Uplex exit. from the huge red mirror.

12 thoughts on “[Seoul: Sinchon] Choco Blossom

  1. Kristine says:

    Hi Jamie! Whats lens / camera did you use to take the photos in this entry? Thank you! 🙂


  2. Fiona says:

    I love the teddy bear,, and oh! the hot chocolates too.. MErry christmas and happy new year to yah Jamie.. 😀


  3. Clarence from Singapore says:

    @Kristine, I think Jamie mentioned “Casio H5 camera” in Autumn@Hangang post – http://www.jamieliew.com/2013/11/autumnhangang/


    Jamie Liew Reply:

    Thank you! Hahaha. Its actually easy to look for info in my blog through the search bar on the side I guess…


    Kristine Reply:

    But she has a dslr and then a point-and-shoot. I just liked the quality of the photos so I asked. Didn’t want to assume. Asking is better than assuming, I guess.


    Jamie Liew Reply:

    it’s the point and shoot hahaha. there’s actually a clear quality difference but the last few pictures are from my DSLR (low range Canon, not sold anymore for a longggg time haha it’s like stone age but I am too poor to change fml.)

  4. abcd name says:

    Hi just wondering since u go to SKKU- would you recommend Sungkyun korean language institute? maybe you have heard from others if it is good or not since u probably did not do their korean language program? i am a beginner looking at sungkyun, hongik, or even ganada language institute… i think these schools are a bit cheaper than yonsei, sogang, etc. but i am hoping their programs are still good! i have been looking up reviews, just thought i’d ask


    Jamie Liew Reply:

    I seriously have no idea since I have participated but judging from a (hardworking) friend, it seemed like her Korean’s pretty good. but I heard Sogang’s the best for beginners (coming from a beginner who switched from Yonsei to Sogang)


    abcd name Reply:

    thank you & i’ve liked your blog for a while.


    Jamie Liew Reply:

    thanks for reading too!!!

  5. Jaein says:

    Nice cafe ! and really love your page since you mention about the non halal kalguksu in myeongdong on one of your post. I’m leaving for korea in less than 2 weeks and your blog has been really helpful for me. Just one question, is this cafe in 신천 or 신촌 ?


    Jamie Liew Reply:

    신촌 =). nothing to do in 신천 hahahaha


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