well, living here for a year and a half is not very much of a long time. but it is definitely enough to list out a list of habits or culture of Korean people which is quite.. abnormal. in fact I was always amazed by all the jaw dropping things that they do. I am not saying all Korean people are like this but that is just my opinion. I may be right I may be wrong so try not to be sensitive about it. lets rock it.

1. Korean people are the heaviest drinkers on earth. in fact, Soju is the alcohol company that sells the most in the world I heard. and heck, they only cost less than 2 bucks (USD).

2. pretty girls, young girls, grandmothers, grandfathers all smoke. out of like 10 people I know probably only 1 doesn’t. I landed myself on a part time job and it seems like I am one of the very few employee who doesn’t smoke. my friends whom are born on 1995 smokes with that innocent face and attitude of theirs. I am not saying that smoking makes you.. not innocent. but it is rather common here.

3. Koreans can sing. truthfully, there are only 2 types of Koreans. the ones that are awesome in singing, and the ones that don’t. there is no wonder why there are so many Karaokes around.

4. not everybody is into KPOP. sure, there are a lot of young girls into EXO. but if you check out their phones, most of them have a whole list of English songs!

5. speaking of English songs, most people here thinks that people who speak English is cool. but this generation though.. most of them speak good English.

6. Ramen (instant noodles) are what students here eat the most. and I can assure you, they are the best (and one of the healthiest) instant noodles you can find all around the world! oh my shin ramen, bibim myeon and zaru soba. they even have japchae instant noodles! Korea is the instant noodle kingdom. like seriously.

7. Kimchi goes with everything. there’s even Kimchi chocolate. sounds too disgusting to taste it.

8. plastic surgery isn’t a secret. not many people would actually lie that they’ve done it.

9. Jang Dong Gun is the hottest guy in Korea. in their minds. I still like my Daniel Henney.

10. in Summer, you wear a bikini. with loadsssssss of padding. you can be an A cup with a deep cleavage because swimsuits here are.. well the sponge is as thick as how deep the cup is. and no matter how conservative, wearing a bikini is no problem.

11. the older, the superior or the man pays. it’s an unfair world. but that is how it is here. not so bad because I am a girl and is still young. and soon I am going to be in my 2nd year. that’s when I have to be either anti social or be always broke by paying for my juniors meals. hahah.

12. Korean people don’t know how to divide. it is not that they are not good at math; unlike Japanese people who would go up to the decimals if you’re going on dutch, a few thousand wons are not much of a difference. but generally Koreans do not split the bill. if your friend bought you a meal, you buy them coffee. they are about the same price anyway =D.

13. Psy is the hero of Korea. we even study about him in Uni.

14. there are 3 major religions in Korea. Buddhist, Christians and the no religion. while it seems more like a country with more Buddhists, there are actually more Christians. and some of them are rather disturbing. going around telling people that if you do not believe in Jesus you’d rot in hell. there are another type of scary Christian where they’d approach you and go on for hours about Christianity. oh. some of them even tries to be friends with you for the reason of converting you into one.

15. Camping is fun.

16. 7,000won for patbingsu is cheap. 7,000won for Kimchi Jjigae is expensive.

17. everybody enjoys watching 무한도전 Mu han do jeon (Infinite Challenge?). okay not EVERYBODY. but many of them =D.

18. only old people drink Whiskey.

19. Pok-dan-ju (Bomb alcohol lol) is the best drink. or you can also call it the So-maek. a mix of Soju and Maekju/beer.

20. Koreans loves their Coffee. you can find the widest range of coffees here. they CANNOT live without it. and believe it or not, the coffee shop culture have only been here for much lesser than a decade.

21. Sport shoes are the new sexy. no, they are not turn offs on a date.

22. it is true that Korean girls are hot with all the plastic surgery. but after being here for a while you’d come to find them looking all the same and that pretty is boring. and being different is the new pretty.

23. Korean girls all have nice slender legs. prettiest legs in Asia.

24. there are no strangers. don’t be shocked when a complete stranger in the sauna asked you to help scrub his back. or when somebody scolds you for something you just don’t understand =P.

25. unlike other races, Koreans will always be Koreans. and they are proud of it. my teacher told me that even when they are born in another country, they will always feel that Korea is their own country and there will always be this huge bond between them and their roots. unlike myself, I have never felt that I am from China despite being Chinese.

26. natural make up is the IN thing.

27. blood type tells what type of person you are. if you want them to think that you’re the perfect blood type, just say A. because As are known to be perfectionists and Bs are players. ABs are hipsters. and O are plain and lazy. you got me right! I am an O =S.

28. age, height and looks matters. a lot. but they usually ask for your age to know if they should speak to you in a polite manner or not. sometimes they would find it rather uncomfortable to speak to a person a year or two older in an impolite manner even though you told them to speak informally. so they might either go.. “ok!” or “I prefer speaking to you in a polite manner.”

29. you are apparently supposed to date many people to find the perfect type of person you’d like.

30.  there are the most type of anniversaries in Korea. poor guys here whom are supposed to make events to surprise their girlfriends so that they could boast about it. (presents and a decent dinner WILL NOT make the cut. you gotta be creative.) if you don’t do it? you do not love your girlfriend. or she might just as well get bored with you.

31. Baseball is popular sport here. the American influence.

32. they all wear the same. they ALL follow the trend. of course it is different for different age groups but the youngsters pretty much wears the same thing. being different is weird. I once had a friend ask me “why do all of you Malaysians look so different?!”

33. the coffee cup is an accessory too; not just a drink.

34. almost every youngster owns a Cruciani bracelet. and dull colours belongs to the younger ones while the bright belongs to the older generation.

35. hunting is perfectly normal. I meant, hunting for girls. it is not abnormal for a stranger to come asking for your number in the streets.

here’s my list of 35 things that I’ve noticed about Korean people. please do tell me in the comment box on what I’ve missed!

68 thoughts on “35 things I’ve noticed about Korean people.

  1. Cindy says:

    Things have changed hahaha, but U r right.. They teach mostly on english and encourage U to speak in korean as well. I’m in lvl 1 right now, which may always be another reason why they are super chill about a lotta things 🙂


    Jamie Liew Reply:

    hmm? I guess they changed it hahaha but probably just for level 1. I didn’t have first hand experience on level 1 classes since I entered straight to level 3.


  2. kim says:

    I loved reading your blog, it made me know about other culture i love Korea!!! although i am a filipino chinese japanese american all suparb!!!


  3. You have a lot of information. I have type A and my has O.Blood.You learn more from D. & A. Test. Thay can find everything about you. My wife and had the test. We found about everything. We were shocked . Thay were able to go to B.C. So much for a blood test. SSG GLENN A GRAGO U.S.ARMY RETIRED.


  4. Adeel says:

    I’m in love with the person who wrote this. I’m living in the USA. I will keep those things in mind before entering the south Korean border.
    Love/Respect <3.

    –(college student learning different cultures and traditions).


  5. Kochigachi says:

    It seems you still don’t know about Korean people. They’re far far different from any other Asian even Japanese. And please do not believe anything from Japan since Japanese people have two faces and two personalities, it’s their culture and because Japan once occupied Korea during 1900s~1945, they feel superior to Koreans when through entire history, Japan probably was big play ground for early Korean hunters and gatherers.


  6. mimi shangjam says:

    i love reading yur blog …at least i got som info…i hope one day i get a chance to visit korea


  7. Hi:) says:

    I really enjoyed reading Jamie’s posting but Christine, I don’t agree with your point. Speaking as Korean, I saw lots of people in KR are aware of social issues and many weaknesses in the structures of their society. People noticed it and they try to change it.
    I assumed that the person who commented for pointing out the title of this posting was about that the stereotype of one specific thing could be dangerous and it can easily offend people whom are involved in the community.
    It is not about them. That is the fact of way how ordinary people get to react. Because normally, people don’t want to be categorized by one.
    And truely saying that one category never can define each of people.

    For the last comment for Jamie, I hope you could put some little bit of bottom lines with saying that your posting can’t categorize all of them. I would kindly ask if you could remind your audience to be aware of that. Besides that, your posting is so fun and interesting! 🙂


  8. Kayjaan says:

    I really liked your post… it got me closer to Koreans .. i will look forward to readvsuch articles ahead as i want to know more about korea and other south east asian countries…. to find a friend from the millions… l



  9. Kenny says:

    Everything is ok except smoking rate. I am a Korean and know that lots of Koreans are smoker. Korean men’s smoking rate is about 40%. Korean women’s smoking rate is less than 10%( Old Korean women’s smoking rate is less than 5%)..


    Kayjaan Reply:

    Ohhkay… i guess smoking is cause of climate there… usually if climate is cool most of the time then people tend to smoke more…


  10. Junㅋㅋㅋ says:

    It was wonderful reading what you wrote.You wrote it so well.?I’m from Korea and I agree with you.


  11. Yao says:

    I like Korean people but I’m also very proud of being Chinese, maybe because I am from Chengdu where the people are highly respected compare to other regions, but differ from Beijing and Shanghai 🙂


    Jack Reply:

    They differ because Chengdu is seen by many Chinese as the real China (^^ super – subjective, ), just what I hear from certain Chinese .I can’t add to that as I’m a Brit. Chun Jie kuai Le, Ji Xiang ru Yi.


  12. I Love BTS~~~~
    and South korea


  13. curious says:

    Good writeup. I watched a lot of Korean drama series. I wonder why people in those movies shout so much. Even when they are in love, they shout to each other. Is it true there in Korea?


  14. chelsea santana says:

    I wish I lived in seoul I heard its very beautiful there I have a lot of friends that where born there but I was born in newyork one day I really hope my parents allow me to visit there


  15. chelsea santana says:

    hi are u native of south korea


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