that stereotype

why is it that everyone has to think that

“oh Jamie has a lot of friends”

“nah, we don’t have to call her, she’s probably busy anyway”

“don’t worry, she has tonnes of guys going after her. she’ll be occupied on Valentines”

when the fact is

I do know many people, but I only have a few friends.

I am SUPER FREE. so free that I sit at home getting jealous looking at pictures from my friends outings. each time I question my friends “why no ajak!!!” they would say “I THOUGHT U WERE BUSY!!!”. heard it too many times. it’s like one of the most common phrase I hear while growing up. truth is, I only LOOK busy pfft. but yeah, since I’ve been in Korea I’ve been pretty busy =P.

yes I do. on the streets. since its a culture thing in Korea even if you’re fat or ugly there would be guys wanting to bring you back home for the night. those guys are called pick up artists. but will I even bother? no. plus everyone in Korea is very much physical/looks conscious. I know where I stand so you don’t need to lie to comfort me. and many people get sick of my unbearable attitude after going out with me just once. #truefact.

so get things right and stop saying those stuff over and over again because it’s too annoying. pfft.

anyway, as for today, to beat the SAD (single awareness day) mood, I had a date with my best friend here, Megumi ^^. we had Donkatsu and Macarons and went shopping around! basically that’s about it. really would like to recommend you to this Macaron shop by Ruben Jan Adriaan in Hongdae (say if you’re facing Hongik Univ and is in front of it. turn left. you’d see shops like starbucks. walk pass it and then you’ll find Macaron!). will make a full post on that shop someday when I bring my camera there hehe.



teacher announced our results today! I got 80 for reading instead of 76! =P =P =P I am not trying to show off (nothing too great to be proud of anyway) but I am just very very very glad T______T. I almost failed listening in level 5 but I got 90 this time! even the teacher was shocked haha. it’s just luck but still I am happy! I am normally the best in reading but this time it’s did’t seem like it. I was afraid I might not even get 70 for any of it but I am super satisfied this time. I had always had results around 60s or 70s and my friends from the better classes would tell me how miserable they felt for only getting 80! oh these smart people.



need a haircut. I look like some lion haha.


my “date”. haha. sorry to disappoint you but there’s no hot guy in this post. only a pretty japanese girl ^^.


we had this awesome Donkatsu @ Mura, Hongdae. not bad I guess but Donburi (also in Hongdae – near Ssangssangmadang on the same row I think but not so far ahead. quite hard to find as it’s a tiny little shop. never noticed it’s existence until I read that they had a shop in Hongdae too. and COEX. the one in COEX is along the way to the COEX Aquirium. hard to miss it because the queue is long as hell.) still kick asses.


after some (mostly window) shopping we headed for some comfort food. hehehehe. Megumi and I are those girls who don’t care about what we eat. we just wanna be happy =D. the best (so far) macarons in Seoul. Macarons by Ruben Jan Adriaan!


you see that light brown chocolate with dark brown spots called Praline. that’s my favourite. but every single one of them taste pretty darn awesome. except earl grey and yuzu. didn’t favour those 2. some other shops sell macarons like green tea and passion fruit as well which tastes marvelous. but I still have to conclude that this shop is the best as a whole. the other shops were good but this shop is awesome.

when we were there there was this girl sitting on the next table ordering their seasonal valentines cake with 2 chocolate macarons and eating them alone. it was quite a sight because she looked like a sad miserable actress from some drama pfft. but then there was another girl behind eating her macarons ALONE AS WELL devouring the macs jollily. hmm. weird people are weird.

and the streets today, it was FILLED with couples. and they all have like a pretty decorated bag with a box of gift (and flowers pfffffft). normally cake. my 2 classmates with korean boyfriends made cheesecakes the whole night RIGHT AFTER EXAMS. they always had it boxed so prettily T_T. I want to experience that too. PFFFT. but normally girls here make chocolates for their boyfriends and the guys I guess do nothing.


this is my notebook. cute yes? went back to buy more. thought I could give them as cheap souvenirs when I return to Malaysian next time but it’s all sold out T________T. WE WANT MORE! MAKE MORE!


Happy Valentines Day.

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  1. Michelle C Says:



  2. jonleefriend Says:

    I Really Like This Blog Posting.

    You don’t know Me but i sometimes read your blog because i will go to Korea to study this year.
    Your blog info is Useful.

    It is not Stereotype. I have the same experience as you. i know more friends than anyone i know.
    but every time , every holiday celebrations , i receive the least SMS greetings compare to My friends.
    But i know more friends than Them.

    I think because i am too friendly , so that people think that i have too much friends , i do not need a SMS greeting or invite me to go out. They (my friends) always think i am busy because i have many friends to go out with.

    oh , please , whenever i am busy , i do my own work & study Hard.

    My friends also think i sure got Girlfriend. My female friends always make the conclusion that i have GF.
    I told them i have no GF , they think i am a Player .

    I Guess in Your Case , Good Looking Person & Friendly Person , will cause Other People to think that We have friends to go out & Always Have BF or GF.

    They Are Super Wrong. It is Not Stereotype . It is Assumption. I Hate Assumption. you are lucky to have Best Friends to go out with . My BestFriend go out with Girls. T_T . i spend my Valentine Alone .

    I Guess You Haven’t a BF for a Long Time ? i hope you will post something like this again , because It Is Really Good. It look like My Diary. I am Happy 푸하하 because I know Someone is in my Same Situation & Share the Same Feeling.


    Jamie Liew Reply:

    =) good to know I am not alone. BF aint important atm =D. still young.


  3. uf Says:

    u so far away how to call? HAHA! Hey cheer up lah, awesome results there yo- Congrats & Gong Xi Fa Cai!


    Jamie Liew Reply:

    =S le sigh. oh well =S


  4. Meitzeu Says:

    I agree with “Jonleefriend”, it’s not stereotype, it’s just ASSUMPTION. Aiya, I thought blablabla.

    Meitzeu @ Blog
    Meitzeu @ Facebook
    Meitzeu @ Twitter


    Jamie Liew Reply:

    it’s a stereotype =). because in the blogosphere everyone has many friends. and the stereotype is we are busy all the time and has no time for friends like them.


  5. 蝴蝶泪 Says:



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