Happy Chinese/Korean New Year! 새해 복 많이 받으세요!

my first year spending Chinese New Year overseas. CNY is my favourite season of the year. not only because of the free $$ we get, but also because of all the CNY cookies and food, the reunions and all. but at least I still have a cousin here in Seoul =D. my best friend in school, Megumi joined me too! ^^.

Picture 097 copy

my CNY nails =D. did Megumi’s nails too! except hers was very similar to my previous design. I found the No.1 KONAD shop here in Gangnam and bought a new plate. like my new Konad nails? =D.

Picture 096 copy

so pretty =3.

to make these stamps, you can get it from KONAD located at Gangnam. the shop is at the alley beside CGV Gangnam near Gangnam station exit 11. just walk up that alley and you’ll find it! CGV and exit 11 takes around 6-8minutes walk though =X.

anyway, we slept over at my cousin’s place and prepared food, food, food and more food. I am only good at making pasta; Malaysian style. and since there are no Malaysian ingredients, I made a Korean new year delicacy. the Ddeokguk.

Picture 059 copy

relatively easy dish to make. with just ddeok (rice cake), dumplings, eggs, garlic, beef (or just buy the beef bone stock), spring onion (but I don’t like it so..), onions and gim (seaweed) and voila! ddekguk! (rice cake soup).

Picture 062

this dish can be eaten anytime of the year as it is easy to make. but it must be eaten on the first day of the new years day as eating it symbolizes living for another year. it also mean that you’re a year older. haha.

Picture 069 copy

Megumi and I prepared it right before my cousin woke up ^^.

Picture 071 copy

and for lunch, we had HOTCAKES!

Picture 076 copy

the choco hotcake was pretty good but we ate too much and gradually got sick of it T_T. wasting half of a huge hotcake =S.

Picture 080 copy

for dinner, I prepared Jjimdalg. the dish I learned in school. but I kind of forgot the recipe and it came out a little salty T_T. but it was still good I guess =D.

Picture 084 copy


Picture 089 copy

the final product! presentable at least!

okay so that was how I celebrated my first new year overseas. =D.

the not so awesome thing is that they gave us holiday on Monday but placed our exams on Tuesday. =_=. mean Yonsei is mean.

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  1. Claire Says:

    Hi Jamie! Your nails look great! I especially like that pale pink/peach color. Happy New Year!


    Jamie Liew Reply:

    I like that one best too ^^ Happy Chinese New Year to u too!


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