well, even though January may have ended by the time this post is posted.

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keeping your hands in between your thighs are the warmest things to do in winter. NO IT ISN’T DISGUSTING PFFT. either that or sit on your hands (but it gets numb ><). because wearing thick clothes might protect your body but unless you buy super expensive gloves, no gloves here are warm enough. same goes for shoes.

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okay, so I went to Seorak Mountain! and this is the Eastern Sea of Korea. such a beauty. it’s said that the sea here looks best in winter. and I couldn’t agree more. even though you couldn’t swim in winter, walking along it is nice enough. all I am lacking is a handsome boyfriend and my walk along the beach would definitely be perfect. pfft.

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the view from my hotel/condo. =3. but since I am just UPDATING you a little, I will show you more later. I am ridiculously busy and lazy. so let me rest from my blog for just 1 more week T_T. at least until I get my presentations done. sigh. level 6 is madness. presentation almost every week.

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camho! love the manual settings from my camera. that nice purple twilight tint. mm.

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the beach view from the Ashleys (famous buffet) in some hotel at Seoraksan. awesome. thank goodness it was a school trip if not god knows how much it would’ve costs me hahaha.

as for now, there are not much updates on my life. I have tonnes of things to blog about but my readers are starting to un-follow me and I just.. lack motivation T_T. and almost the entire march, I’d be living in helll until like, 22nd. where I’d graduate. or not. and I got accepted into Sungkyunkwan University! the reasons of not applying for Yonsei was because they required some bloody document which I lost. so I didn’t bother applying since application fees cost almost RM500. too expensive to give it a shot without a document which the office said I MUST HAVE. crazy schools. I heard in Japan it’s RM1000. and only the registration fees? RM3000. this prestigious school is prestigious. no wonder the students here fight for lower registration fees. registration fees = one shot paid upon admission. in Malaysia I guess it’s free. or below RM500. I don’t know. I was lucky enough to be on full scholarship back in Malaysia so I didn’t even know the school fees =S. but I heard it’s pretty pricey these days. le sigh. A levels for RM30,000? holy. how many years does it take to even earn back the tuition fees. plus working part time in Malaysia (if you’re not pretty or born with a hot bod) pays you chicken crap. working for years without using a single dime of salary would not be sufficient to pay them expensive school fee’s off. so maybe one of these days I would join the Korean people on their demonstration in reducing the price of their school fees.

9 Responses to “JANUARY UPDATES!”

  1. Kim Says:

    Keep blogging! Really looking forward to yr post everytime because it somehow brings me closer to my dream. Cheers!


  2. uf Says:

    i heard this winter is d coldest in quite a few years. no wonder there’s so much snow all around!


  3. Melissa Says:

    NOO don’t stop blogging! i read your blog almost everyday and its one of the very few i really follow these days because i love the way you write about your experiences! Keep going! x3


  4. andrew w Says:

    That first pic is extremely sexy. No joke lol


  5. yuhjiun Says:

    Agree with Kim! Keep blogging and updated :))


  6. Michelle C Says:

    Let me guess, SPM?


  7. Zhi Shan Says:

    If you don’t convert the registration fees would be around the same as some malaysian private universities :)


  8. Da Feng Says:

    Don’t stop blogging. I am still following your blog.


  9. J Says:

    Please,never lose hope,you have us loyal readers here :) May i ask in your opinion what is the best 3 uni in korea?Btw,congrats on ur acceptance into Sungkyunkwan.So excited for your future :)


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