have been thinking for a while for the title but I ended up with this embarrassing title which is the direct translation of the Korean name. it’s basically pork with rice in soup.

IMG_4894 copy

it’s a famous Busan delicacy but I have no idea why this 24 hour shop is named as Gyeongju Kuk Bab ( Gyeongju’s rice in soup)

IMG_4897 copy

it certainly doesn’t look too delicious but just 1 scoop to see what’s hid under the soup, you’d know this is going to be good.

IMG_4900 copy

happy girl with her dweji-kuk-bap.

IMG_4903 copy

this is how you’re supposed to eat it. their slices of pork is like slightly thinner slices of bossam. with those salty mini prawns which goes marvelously well together.

IMG_4905 copy

the place is nothing fancy, it’s at one of the alleys at those shop lots right opposite the Busan Station.

IMG_4906 copy

but I can assure you these ajumma’s and ajosshi’s that work here are pro’s in this dish. they do it so quick. we went to other places that sells this too but you can see the technique they use to make this dish. the technique of a pro and a.. well not so pro.

IMG_4907 copy

there’s the 돼지국밥 dweji kuk bab (pork soup rice pfft), 내장국밥 naejang kuk bab (intestines), 순대국밥 sundae kuk bab, 섞어국밥 seokko kuk bab (mixed) and the list goes on…….. wanted that 수육 too because their pork is pretty darn fresh and delicious. but the pork inside our dweji kuk bab is already aplenty and it feels like there are never ending slices of pork inside as you dig in.

IMG_4911 copy

this place omits a high concentration of PORK SMELL. even from far away you can kind of smell it. oh you fresh porky! <3.

IMG_4912 copy

this is the shop I went to. but dweji kuk bab’s are meant to be famous in Busan so you can find it anywhere and it is supposed to be good. because it’s Busan. hahaha.

9 thoughts on “[Busan] pork soup rice 돼지국밥 (dweji kuk bab)

  1. fu says:

    deco looks bland… where d pork pieces pics la! d pot looks like BKT LOL


    Jamie Liew Reply:

    it is super good. much better than it looks. tastes nothing like BKT lol. just very delicious u come la we go busan LOL.


    unknown Reply:

    hey tot we agreed on an island come here again meh 🙁


  2. KY says:

    this looks mighty authentic, and i’d have no idea how to order. lol


    Jamie Liew Reply:

    I would recommend learning how to read Korean if not it’s almost impossible to look at the menu’s in Busan =S. Seoul still ok~


    KY Reply:

    that or you can volunteer to be a translator


    Jamie Liew Reply:

    can, u sponsor my trip to Busan I very willingly be your translator for free! hehehe.

  3. Sam says:

    Can I know where you stay when you’re in Busan? Im going to travel to Busan next weekends.


    Jamie Liew Reply:

    busan inn. but depends on the location u want =)


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