it literally translates to “let’s eat alley”.

there are basically only a few types of food there in a row sold by ajumma’s (do not call them ajumma’s. it’s rude. called them imo). not very difficult to find, it’s right opposite the PIFF (something  like the Arena of Stars in HK) road. basically an alley connecting to the Gwangbok-ro Shopping Street (Busan’s Myeongdong, even better.)

IMG_4261 copy

it’s in between Coffee Bean and a drug store, so yeah, very easy to find!

IMG_4284 copy

this is the whole street. it’s not very long. but nothing beats the experience of sitting by the street on small little chairs eating what’s famous in Busan, the dang-myeon 당면.

IMG_4266 copy

what’s most famous here is the bibim dang-myeon. which is very simple and the greatest thing is that it’s super cheap (by Korean standards) sold at 2,000won for a bowl which could easily fill you. and a bowl of Sikhye (rice drink) goes very well with the mildly spicy bibimdangmyeon.

IMG_4267 copy

mix it up and it’s ready to eat! yum.

PS : that gold pot of thingy on the right side is the Sikhye (forgot to take a picture of it haha) it’s a little disgusting to see that it’s exposed to air for the whole day but nothing we eat is really clean out of the kitchen too, so JUST DRINK IT!

IMG_4273 copy

well bibimdangmyeon is not the only thing sold here. there are those which goes with hot soup as well.

IMG_4274 copy

but of course get the bibimdangmyeon before anything else.

IMG_4282 copy


IMG_4275 copy

other than noodles, there are these mini kimbabs (seaweed rice roll) with odengs (fishcake) going for 3,000won for a 1 person portion. this portion of kimbab and odeng is called the “chung mu kimbab” 충무김밥.

IMG_4277 copy

meet Leo, my pitiful friend who was forced to come to Busan with me nyahahahahah.

IMG_4280 copy

not like the chungmu kimbab’s or the bibimdangmyeon is the best kind of food around, but for the very old school korean atmosphere, I will definitely come back again. but the sikhye was fabulous.

IMG_4283 copy

so if you are going to Busan, make sure you drop by here for a touch of traditional Busan!

12 thoughts on “[Busan] Nampo-dong’s Eatery Alley / Meokja Golmok 남포동 먹자골목

  1. June says:

    didn’t know calling “ahjumma” is rude cos kept seeing in k-drama they calling auntie as in ahjumma and uncle ahjussi. so should call “imo” pronounce as e-mo ??


    alex Reply:

    Me too, i was wondering the same thing…i thought calling an older aged woman ajumma was ok.ahh im confused now lol


  2. June says:

    the bibim dang-myeon chili paste on top looks like sambal of nasi lemak , lol


    Jamie Liew Reply:

    but it tastes nothing like sambal.. haha. yeah when I first came here I called the ajumma’s ajumma and they gave me a cock stare and my friend said you’re supposed to call them imo. yeah e-mo lol.


  3. would love to visit this particular place in busan! thanks to you jamie, i’ve discovered another popular korean dish.


    Jamie Liew Reply:

    yays! I wished I took the pictures nicely but all the shop owners were so pesterish and in a rush so I got shy T_T.


  4. JOT says:

    Hi, Your blog entry is very informative!!! Thanks! Would you know what time does the alley start selling food? Can we have breakfast here??? 🙂


    Jamie Liew Reply:

    thank you! to be safe go at 11am. because as I remember they open pretty late.


  5. yan says:

    Hi! Jamie. I am going Korea this Sunday. 1st stop is Busan. Can I know where to eat for dinner? Btw, Can I know wats the weather in Korea now? Thank you in advance!


    Jamie Liew Reply:

    I don’t know how to explain but there’s this awesome 돼지국밥 dweji kukbab place behind busan station which was superb.


  6. Julia says:

    Hi Jamie,

    Honestly I ike ur blog so much!would like to ask if my first station is busan then the next is jeonju last is Seoul.
    Busan – Jeonju – Seoul
    How do u advance us to go?
    By plane bus or ktx

    Many thanks in advance!


    Julia Reply:



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