I would not try to hide the fact that I was haunted with the horror of having dandruff. yes, I had snow falling off my head when I shake it. but a few years ago I found something that saved my scalp. my dad had the same problem for over 50 years. we tried so many remedies, used so many different dandruff shampoos and yet no cure. pantene, clear, schwarzkopf, sunsilk….. everything. but one day I finally found the right shampoo. and after just a few uses of this amazing shampoo. dandruff magically disappeared. this is not a paid advertorial so just you know. it’s a little expensive at the price of RM38. which is why I use two different shampoos for my scalp and my 30inch hair. I only use it when my scalp is uncomfortable.

trust me, the price is definitely worth it. I use it on alternate days and it can last me for 2 months.


LISSE Chitin Activation Elements Shampoo.

it’s a Singaporean brand. it’s not sold everywhere, so that’s the problem. if you know where Sungai Long is, there’s this Shampoo shop at the row behind Station 1. you can find it there =). just giving some help to people who couldn’t seem to cure their dandruff no matter how they try, because I know how frustrating it is. and people who cured it are probably too ashamed or shy to admit their embarrassing past.

but trust me on this, it’s definitely the best anti-dandruff shampoo. I still have to use it because I sleep late and it affects a lot. but my dad, he stopped using it for a few months now and is still dandruff-free! amazing right?

7 thoughts on “how to cure dandruff.

  1. Punk Chopsticks says:

    Lol!!! Nooo… Why you go and post this AFTER my dandruff problem. Ah well. I love your blog! It looks incredible. Got anything for pimples?


  2. Jamie Liew says:

    actually as for skin, I found a pretty good one but it doesn’t cure me completely so =S.


  3. raghu says:

    Hey, is this shampoo available in India?


    Jamie Liew Reply:

    no idea. haha but it’s from Singapore =).


  4. Simon Henkel says:

    Hello! I truly found your website has very nice write-up, I will come back to see more of your writing, please keep up the good works. Thanks You


  5. joanna chang says:

    hello, i just bought this shampoo at Sungai Wang… Now the selling price is RM48.00.. Is a perfect shampoo i had used before…. even i didn’t wash hair for 2 days, its not oily and ichy on my hair scar.


    Vincent Reply:

    Hi, Joanna.
    Could you pls adv sg wang shop name or contact no, try to purchase this shampoo.


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