October Plans

hello all. short update. VERY BUSY! today you’ll see a familiar face if you read my Korean posts. because the Malaysian Korean boy is back in KL. initially I was thinking that after my coll and all those stuff, I’d be so free I’ll finish all the dramas and movies I had missed. but instead, I left them collecting dust on the shelves because I got even busier than before!

being a “tour guide” is pretty fun ahhaha but it also takes a lot of time. but every moment is worth it because if you have great company, it means you’d have some real great time! Peter is my very very very good friend. because he is awesome like that. and also because childhood friends are hard to maintain these days.


tada! here’s our first day shopping. he was complaining about how horrible the hot weather in Malaysia is and that it’s making him sweat and hence it ruins his hair. tsk tsk after 2 years in Korea (while he spent almost all his life here) he turned into a pure Korean hahaha.

generally, Korean youngsters are very vain. their best friend? their phone. not because they sms/surf the net all the time. it’s that.. they look at the reflection of themselves allllll the time. ahahha.


Malaysia’s weather is always THIS hot. look how I was sweating too.

beh tahan.

and we’re planning to head to the coast? seriously, I’d be some odd looking fried pork in no time. tour guide says lets go Genting ASAP because the weather is unbearable.


spamming my friend’s phone with my pictures. just because Korean phones are awesome for camwhoring. great camwhore quality and FRONT CAMERA!!! but I still like my huge Desire HD screen!!!


today at some Japanese BBQ Buffet place @ Great Eastern Mall. awesome sashimi. but lousy ox tongue >_______>”.

I am so excited I’ll see Brian Joo in less than 24hours. D=. SO SO SO SO SO EXCITED. I’m always very hyped up when I am going to meet people who sings well. and is also irresistibly gorgeous. check his vid out?


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