okay enough hahah. I don’t know who’s Alexander actually. I only shoke his hand to show off to my friends who loves him if I have any.

BUT I LOVE BRIAN JOO AHHHH. though I thought he was a little tired =S.


it’s a Christian Event. it’s a concert which at the same time try to promote Christianity though idolism. I am quite happy being Buddhist where I am born to. but for the atheist around, it’s really not bad ;). I think that everyone should have a religion; any religion which teaches you good things will do.

IMG_2251 copy

the awesome Jeffro invited me. I felt so blessed because Brian Joo is that awesome guy from the FlyToTheSky duo with Hwanhee.


I never listen to discs. I only download them online (because they come with album cover and it’s easier than ripping) and usually I’ll get bored with songs after a while. =S.

but the thing is, I buy discs only to collect autographs! haha! silly but it’s true.

312246_10150327651546850_533016849_8704391_427512165_n copy

sorry that I’ll be disappointing you this time because I didn’t get media pass and they did not allow anybody to take pictures. especially when my DSLR is quite noticeable. but I went early and I managed to grab a seat 3 rows away from BRIAN JOO!! I sat so close to him. I felt like I was floating U_U (ddungddung~).

BUT HEY! at least I got the sexy back of Brian Joo (left) and Alex. Alex looked REALLY handsome from far. but when you get closer he looks really really.. tired?


happily queuing up ^^ and on my way to touch Brian’s godly hands. *fangirlmode*.


BRIAN’S SIGNATURE!! and Pastor Johnny. I think he is the only Pastor that gives out signatures! haha. with a heart!


and also, I got these really really really cheap accessories online. you know, I was so happy when I came back from Korea knowing that what I bought in Korea was like 3-7 bucks cheaper than the similar ones here. but… until I came across namewhatyouwant.blogspot.com.


they sell all sort of interesting things. prices barely going above RM10!

love this ring the most.


sweet, ain’t it?

here’s their facebook page : http://www.facebook.com/pages/NameWhatYouWant


so, what’s keeping me fat nowadays? hello, 6 buffets in barely 2 weeks? =S.

but try them cheese snails. SO GOOD. had like at least 15 of them.


but Shogun in Fahrenheit is definitely up to standards! <3. I didn’t like the one in 1Utama last time. they have improved perhaps? or maybe the one in Fahrenheit is REALLY better. =P.

only complain : LOUSY SOY SAUCE. wasabi was still alright. you might wanna bring your own bottle of soy sauce next time =S. but the raw fish was pretty fresh. =D. still. louuuuusy soy sauce.

3 thoughts on “Brian Joo & Alexander Lee @ 3rd Wave

  1. Adeline says:

    Erm..Alexandra was a member of U-Kiss..


  2. Adeline says:

    Sorry..Alexander I mean


  3. Jamie Liew says:

    don’t quite fancy U-Kiss hahaha. dunno why T_T. don’t find their songs catchy enough.


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