it was a beautiful autumn day and the skies were so blue.


the proof. so early in the morning at about 9am, we took the train to Noryangjin 노량진 station. we wanted to visit this place like about 7 in the morning and later on go to the 63 building. but the thing is, don’t try to be superman because you’d really need some sleep after walking so much everyday. I’ve done some research before and I happen to think I’d prefer looking at fishes rather than going up 63 floors for a nice view.

and oh, about the weather in late November, it’s pretty cold. difficult to survive without gloves. my shorts are just for display. my stockings are probably one cm thick (and it looked completely like those thin ones right?! the person who created this was so smart. they wrap the thick stocking with a thin one so it’ll look like you’re superwoman wth). and I was wearing another shirt inside my pink top. who knows how did those Japanese girls managed to survive with mini skirt and absolutely no stocking when it is snowing. I learned my mistake from wearing the thin stockings on the first day when it seemed warm in the afternoon and suddenly bloody cold at night.


upon exit, you’d see this bridge with the sign leading you to the Fish Market. very convinient.


I’ve always been very amazed by these bridge above railway tracks kinda thing. you can only see these in Japan, Taiwan and Korea. usually see these in Jap Dramas. and it’s really.. nice. I mean, it’s nothing much, but it’s pretty in it’s own special way.


I wanted to get my mom to take more pictures for me and she went like (==”) and walked as fast as she could because she think it’s just some boring fences. T_T. so I camwhored HAHAH.

*kononnya my hair so brown wth. thank you sunlight.*


these were sold on the bridge. flowers and chestnuts! what a combination haha.



I might not need these. but guys, especially the shorter ones.. they do. these are hidden heels. it’s to make guys taller haha. I am not sure about the price. but it shouldn’t be too expensive if it’s selling on the streets? wanna be an inch or two taller? get these. =P.

seriously, those giraffe shoes selling here are way to over priced.


vege on the.. staircase @_@.


TADA!!! finally, after perhaps a 3minute walk, you’d arrive to the FISH MARKET!!!

so clean, so neat, so many!


please bring some extra cash and buy some raw fish and eat them (raw, cooked or seasoned) at the restaurants behind the shops. they’d lead you. =D.


NOT cheap. absolutely NOT cheap. but well, they are prawns! the ones in the pasar here is slightly more expensive hahaha.



and you gotta scroll down a few pictures to see something even more amazing.

IMG_2147 copy

okay, I must confess, these people here are great in doing business, you’d got to give them some business anyhow, really. but also, if you love photography and want to capture nice pictures slowly. BE PREPARED to get scolded. some of them are nice. GREAT customer service.

BUT SOME… they’d scold you. you will not be able to understand it on the bright side. but when I was there, there was this woman who said “don’t keep taking pictures and when you are not buying anything!” in a sharp, fierce tone. but well, they will probably ONLY say it in Korean.

and after that, I snapped as I walk. so my pictures weren’t that good. I shall have thicker skin next time T_T.


and seriously, WHAT ARE THESE?! I asked Peter and he didn’t know what these were too. they look like the Horny Mushrooms from Maple Story wth.


TADA!! LOOK AT ZE TANTACLES. AIN’T IT CRAZILY HUGE OR WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTT?! this octopus could probably swallow a whole human up.


ABALONES!!! and great deals. and you can try bargaining still. =D.


ah~ my favourite picture of the day.

a tip? don’t wear your favourite shoes. no cloth shoes please. wear something that you can errr. clean easily? leather boots are fine =D.

if you’re wanting to save money from the ridiculously expensive entry tickets to the aquariums at COEX mall and 63 Building? this would be a good spot to visit. =D. best of all? FOC!


that’s the 63 building! *my view from the subway*

4 thoughts on “[Korea] Noryangjin Fish Market

  1. Alex says:

    I suppose the cheap sannakji is in this Fish Market? And I thought it’s like our pasar malam here selling all sorts of raw fresh seafood. It’s like so huge from the plan view!
    🙂 Any direction I should follow to get to the sannakji stall?


    Jamie Liew Reply:

    Most shops there sell sannakji! Just buy it n eat them at the restaurants they partner with or own. U can also bring it upstairs for the restaurants to prepare it for u =D.


  2. AlvinZ says:

    Interesting, but how did you deal with the fishy smell after the visit?


    Jamie Liew Reply:

    I don’t really care much haha. not so sensitive to fishes.


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