I was really impressed by how beautiful mother nature is. I thought I would never have this side of me, until I visited Nami. here’s what what I have to share,


boarding Nami Maid! maid from mermaid.

IMG_9959 copy

my name!! =D. tada?

IMG_9963 copy

Korean boy loves Malaysia! =D.

*and Malaysian girl loves Korea. haha. love Malaysia too.*


ah– oh very beautiful. I suggest you to come here during autumn because everything looks so.. pastel.


*points* stars!


as soon as you step down from Nami Maid, you’d be greeted with these few scenes.


warm fireplace behind ^^.


the island looks like a fat chili padi.


but is filled with HEARTS!


everywhere. hence more reason to visit during autumn. ONLY available on Autumn. =D.


the statues never looked so weird. until he imitated them.

IMG_0037 copy

okay wth are those pupils omaigosh.


another reason to visit in autumn?

I’ll brainwash you to visit it in autumn

autumn autumn autumn autumn autumn namo namo namo namo!

IMG_0010 copy

albeit being a person who only loves visiting cities (beaches and rural areas are USUALLY not my cup of tea.) I am always amazed by wood. I love restaurants that installs wood into their concept.




where that Winter Sonata couple first kissed. you should be surprised, because I had never watched Winter Sonata. maybe one or two episodes when I was 8. but I don’t remember it anymore. I just know my sister and mom cried a lot.


closer look on the environmental installations.


you’d find squirrels everywhere. and you might even get to see squirrel fights if you are lucky enough. but they were running around too fast I didn’t get a nice shot. haha.

IMG_0027 copy

always wanted to ride on these bicycles. I should get a boyfriend before my next visit. haha!

IMG_0062 copy

more to come.

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