It appears that Jamie has passed her driving exam, and is now a P driver.

PS : it’s Yee Hou.

and now it is Jamie. =D. SHORT POST!

I TOOK MY P! =D =D =D. I took my picture yesterday and I got my P today! =3. efficient enough kekee.

I couldn’t believe I passed it still. I have a PHOBIA towards driving, if you don’t know =X.

not really of what I’d expect from a P license. I don’t actually look so disgusting here! =3. I actually like it =D.

despite looking like a complete kampung/country girl.

my happiness — shown. ^^v.

and that’s my new hair. =X.

and here’s my JU ON face. enough to scare the police away, says somebody. enough of staring.

ENOUGH. *chokes* I am nice enough to post this on my blog. initially I didn’t want to post this up but to entertain you, YEAP. =X.

okay going out now BYE! =3.

4 thoughts on “P – updated

  1. Jamie Liew says:

    YEE HOU WTH. hahaha.


  2. tanyeehou says:

    You are now joining the crowd of awesome people.

    Drive safe, Fat.


  3. chriso says:

    *Stares at last pic*

    *continues to stare*


  4. tanyeehou says:



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