FINALLY! A FOOD REVIEW! haven’t been blogging about food for AGES. so yep, 2 days ago Sir How and I went over to Neroteca, a fabulous Italian restaurant (with even more fabulous prices) near lot 10. it is located below the residential condo/flat whatever it is, called Somerset. I’ve been reading a lot of food reviews regarding this restaurant and have been dying to go there ever since. =D.

their sweet table mat. =D.

we actually went there at 11am, and we kind of have the whole restaurant to ourselves ahaha.

the menu. it is so much in Italian!

Prosciutto e Formaggio.

we asked the guy if the portion will be big (for such a “good” price okay) and he said it’ll be just right. but when it came, THE PORTION IS REALLY TOO BIG! the amount of cheese really scared me. =X. order this, bring another girl friend with you to share it.

it is really amazing how they could make such simple things become so heavenly. but the thing is, towards half of the meal, you’ll automatically feel sick of too much cheese.


stew lentils with cheese toast and bacon with egg. the set comes with long black and carrot juice. this one’s quite good really. =P. I had two bites. not sure if it’s good all till the end but according to Sir How, it’s fine. =D. so yeah, this one requires no sharing.

Carrot Juice. good for the eyes!

food can sometimes be an art and still be delicious. <3.

the FABULOUS INTERIOR which goes well with their FABULOUS FOOD, it’s really unique.

but it is rather small, towards the afternoon the place is slowly filling up and as I’ve heard, reservations is a must for lunch and dinner here.

and about the pricings, well it might be a little pricey, but it is still okay to pamper yourself once in a while =D. ranging around 30-80 per person. depends on what you order.

I am still jealous of those dimples. and only after we left I notice that we don’t really have a picture together taken in the restaurant =X.

well if this considers. =D.


how I look when I couldn’t put anymore cheese into my mouth. seriously it’s a little too much for a girl =X. but don’t get me wrong, it’s still fabulous!

I am now wondering what was I doing/thinking/showing. okay fine I don’t know!

and guess where we went after brunch?

THE BIRD PARK! and now it seemed like I am in some epic movie going to the birdpark for dates while singing along with the swallows. no lah! the bird park is actually quite fun hahaha. like Sir How said, educational. was there to shoot birds but there are so many pictures I am too lazy to post it now. T_T. next time okay? =D.

you must be wondering what were we doing so early in KL. we went to Raffles and I was there to check on their courses. I am very much of a design student. I know, WHAT AM I DOING IN SCIENCE STREAM?! answer : to waste time and money. hahaha.

Adios! =P.

10 thoughts on “[Malaysia: KL] Neroteca

  1. tanyeehou says:

    Wahh!! Matching somemore!!!


  2. lil' nick says:

    soooooooooooooooo sweet ah jamie lieww nyehehe.


  3. christock says:

    wah wah gorgeous!


  4. Gin says:

    lol. i think we have the same mat picture.


  5. Simon Seow says:

    It’s near Lot 10? Quite far to walk wor from Lot 10. I thought it’s near Istana Hotel.


  6. Jamie says:

    tanyeecow, …..

    little nick, zomg u laugh apa!

    tockie, <3! thank you!

    Gin, I want to see yours! =D. great minds think alike =P.

    Simon, as in driving distance @@” HAHAHAA. really very near. 2nd junction after lot 10 turn left into jalan berangan then go straight! lot 10 must be on your left lar =D.


  7. patrick says:

    jamie pak toh liao … ur sis know too


  8. Jamie says:

    pat pat, just because neroteca have a mat with a heart on it it doesn’t mean I pak toh! I am not! >=(!


  9. patrick says:

    okok not pak toh .. . but dating right ? @_@”


  10. Jeannie says:

    shucks… i bought that dress but u wore it b4 me =.= lol


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