7 thoughts on “Nail Art – Christmas Designs

  1. CarMenz says:

    i love the last one! it does look like snow =]


  2. Alex says:

    yeah it does! =]


  3. Ghie says:

    Hi Jamie!
    Ghie here from the Philippines. I own a nail salon that offers nail art services that take “years” to finish. Hahaha! We do manual painting of the nails and its really hard sometimes. Konad seems like a good product for a quick nail art. I cannot find a local supplier here in the Philippines. May be you can help me out. Thanks


  4. Admin says:

    Um.. I think there is shipping to anywhere if you order from their website. =) http://www.konadnail.com


  5. yin says:

    hi i google konad nail art n saw urs…it’s so nice!!! did u use konad sponge set as well? or u just use normal sponge?


  6. Admin says:

    to save money, i just bought the sponge from konad seperately. =D


  7. yuuki says:

    hi, i’m just a passer by =) and i love the snowy nail art! xD


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